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Zim man invents World's first fuel saver Spherical Car

by Admin
08 Aug 2015 at 23:00hrs | Views
World's first Spherical Car! Best design to minimize fuel consumption and achieve high speed. It is a physics fact that friction contributes to fuel consumption. Four wheels on a car have 4 times friction hence more fuel while two wheels on a motorbike contribute 2 times friction and lower fuel consumption than a car. One wheeled vehicle is the best in achieving both high speeds and lowest possible fuel consumption.

Battery powered cars have failed to sell as a result of need to recharge batteries every 100 Km. This one wheeled which uses less energy would double that distance which is what this World is looking for.

This video only saves to explain the concept and is remote controlled. A finished product would see the driver and his passengers sitting upright comfortably inside the sphere just as in a real car. Times have changed and so is Technology.

Write Inventor Ryton Dzimiri at