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Watch: Shona news with Brett MuVet (Episode 17)

by Brett MuVet
15 Jun 2016 at 16:09hrs | Views
Did you know that $7 million dollars in $100 notes will weigh about 70kgs. It is very reasonable to assume that it can fit in the boot of a car and be driven to a border and try to be smuggled out the country. Did that actually happen? Who knows, but yes it wouldn’t surprise us.

While other youths were trying to eke out a living, trying to find the next meal, former Junta youth league members were busy making s3x tapes of themselves and one of their countless sexual partners. Yes its their life, Yes its none of our business, yes their privacy should be respected. However, it is also true that the Junta should enforce the new constitution, that the Junta should not kidnap activists and that the Junta should abide by the rule of law. BUT THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN EITHER. Boy oh boy have Zimbabweans marched in the past few weeks. Its almost as if the citizens have all embarked on a Walk For Food campaign and depending on how the riot police react, it sometimes turns into the Run For Life campaign. But the funniest of them was the fact that we had the Junta themselves organize a protest march against corruption. Yip, enter the ZIDAZ people again- Zanu Idiot Demonstrating Against Zanu- ZIDAZ- As we have stressed on previous episodes, if you are a Junta member, you actually cant demonstrate against yourself. That’s embarrassing for you and for the country at large. YOU JUNTA GUYS ARE THE PROBLEM. Resign and leave if you want the country to recover.

Coalition of Democrats (CODE) was signed this week. DARE, MDC-N, MKD, RDZ, ZUNDE all signed and agreed to support 1 candidate per constituency and 1 presidential candidate. This is definitely a step in the right direction. We have a very serious reality on the ground. With over 12 major opposition parties, if there is no coalition between them, then we will be ruled by the Junta for another 5 year term. There is a saying servants, mentioned by Plato himself, One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

It is now up to each and every Zimbabwean to contribute to this struggle. 2018 is the last chance. The last chance at a peaceful transition in Zimbabwe. If you are in the diaspora, imagine not having to send money back home, imagine even going a step further and being able to get a good paying job back home near your family. No more permit issues, false arrests, dodging police and living like a criminal. Those in Zimbabwe imagine seeing your loved ones everyday. Imagine not having to cross the Limpopo again. Imagine working schools, hospitals and police stations. Imagine getting a job within one combi ride of your home. That is possible if the opposition unite. That is possible if each Zimbabwean does their bit to fight for democracy. A unified opposition is the first step to removing the Junta. And the important point here is the word peacefully. And the following message goes out to everyone in opposition and the Junta themselves.

If 2018 does not bring change, then the only remaining avenue left open to ordinary Zimbabweans is a revolution carried out by the people. Remember when days before the election in 2002 and 2008 army generals came out and said they will not accept any leader who wasn’t a war vet? Well we the people are now saying something similar. What we are saying is that if there is not an opposition leader in statehouse after the 2018 elections, we the people will take matters into our own hands. We are saying it would be much better for the Junta to take what they have stolen so far and leave, we will not follow you, nor will we try find our $15 billion. If you insist on staying, that is when the people patience will run out. And that is where the opposition need to have a plan B. failure to prepare for this, you as the opposition will then be thrown aside, and a new set of leaders will emerge. Coalition is the only road to survival for our opposition politicians. No more time for posturing and big man mentality. Time to sit down and work out the modalities of a grand coalition before we are forced to rise up.

Im a plumber, id rather be unblocking drains, fixing burst pipes, enjoying my weekends and evenings with family and friends and my hobbies. But instead I am forced to fight this Junta, I am forced to speak out, I am forced to fight now, so that my children will not have too. You are in the same boat. For Zimbabwe For The People.

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