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WATCH: Shona News with Brett Muvet - 'masimba aPresident'

by Moyo Roy
24 Aug 2016 at 10:19hrs | Views
The last few weeks we have had major flu, which turned into bronchitis. 4 days off work which hasn't happened in years, and I found myself reading more than usual. I decided to print myself a copy of the constitution and I read it cover to cover. Twice.

The reason I read it twice was because from about PAGE 48 to PAGE 139 I couldn't believe what I was reading. I have read bits and pieces, been told by friends and family, but I have never read it word for word. I was shocked. Especially shocked knowing that this constitution was done and agreed to by the main opposition. They are 50% responsible for what is there. There is a documentary about it available on you-tube called DEMOCRATS.

We all know Zimbabwe is controlled by a mafia, or as I like to call them, a Junta. But after reading that constitution I can safely confirm that we have identified the Mafia Boss.

In our constitution, the President has the following powers;

1- Appoints all ministers

2- Appoints all deputy ministers

3- 5 people chosen outside of parliament as technocrats

4- Appoints all Ambassadors and consular diplomatic reps

5- Appoints the Attorney General

6- Appoints the Chief Justice, Deputy chief justice, Judge president of the high court and all other judges

7- Appoints up to 5 people onto the 7 member Civil service commission

8- All permanent secretaries

9- All commanders of the defence force

10- Appoints up to 6 members to the 7 member Defence Force Service Commission

11- Appoints Commissioner general of the Police

12- Appoints up to 6 members to the 7 member Police Service Commission

13- Appoints Director General of Intelligence

14- Appoints Commissioner General of the Prisons

15- Appoints up to 6 members to the 7 member Prisons and Correctional Services Commission

16- He has the final say in ALL appointments to Zimbabwe Electoral commission, Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, Zimbabwe gender Commission, Zimbabwe Media Commission, National Peace and Reconcilliation Commission

17- Appoints up to 8 members to the 9 member Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission

18- Appoints the Prosecutor General at the National Prosecuting Authority

19- He appoints, removes and suspends ALL Chiefs

20- Appoints up to 7 members of the 9 members Zimbabwe Land Commission.

21- Appoints the Auditor general. Those are the ones I picked up, I may has missed a few maybe!!! On top of those whom he has power to appoint, the president also has the power to do the following;

1- Can declare a state of emergency at anytime for a maximum of 14days

2- Deploy the defence forces to anywhere in the world

3- Call elections and Referendum at any time

4- Confers all honors and awards

5- Can sign treatys and agreements with any foreign states and governments

6- Pardon anyone in Jail or lesson their sentence.

So as we can see, one person has all this power. Why? And more importantly why did our main opposition agree to this? Could it be perhaps that the opposition were sensing a win in the upcoming elections that they agreed to offer the president such powers thinking that the president would be from their party?

Or are they just so stupid they they couldn't see these faults that Pfidza and I picked up? Or worse still did someone pay someone to just ignore these obvious flaws and approve the constitution anyway?

This constitution was set up to benefit those in power only, and more importantly the president of the party in power. We the people cannot accept this constitution as it gives far too much power to one person. In fact we can now clearly see why the much needed coalition is not being achieved, as the post of president basically by default appoints 80% of all government employees!!! So whoever gets to be president of the coalition gets all this power.

We encourage everyone who can to print out copies of the constitution. Read it. If you are in a position to print extra copies please do so and give to other citizens. Empower yourselves and verify what we have said above. Talk about this in your political parties, ask them why is this topic of presidential powers not being discussed. Ask them to make it a priority and to agree to lessen the powers of the president.