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Network security is fast becoming an industry of its own

by Staff Writer
18 Sep 2019 at 11:50hrs | Views
With the steady advancement of digital technology, it's not surprising that the need for network security professionals is increasing. The recent eye-opening security threats from industry giants such as Yahoo!, Equifax, and Facebook has been a hair raising experience from most of its service users.

Not only did the cyber threat leak vital information about its users, but it also compromised the business outlook of these service providers. Statistics also reveal that the cybercrime economy has catapulted itself to an estimated $1.5 trillion marginal profit each year.

Thus, the technological industry needs network security professionals who are both qualified and certified to provide the most competent groundwork of data integrity. Research and consulting agency, Global Market Insights, estimates that the cybersecurity market will grow to as much as a $300 billion market by 2024.

Targeted Professionals Suitable for a Security+ Certification

Jobs that use the Security+ certification range from entry-level IT security professionals to higher positions in the network security industry. Security+ is a deep-level credential validating your aptitude for network risk mitigation, early intrusion detection, and data risk management. Some of the professionals who can benefit from a Security+ certification include:
●    Systems Administrators
●    Security Administrators
●    Security Specialists
●    Network Administrators
●    Penetration Testers
●    Junior IT Auditors
●    Security Consultants

The necessary skills needed to pass the exams include an understanding of the threats and vulnerabilities to a system network, identifying and accessing management controls, risk management, cryptography, and Public Key Infrastructure. A Security+ test has been an essential certification required by most companies.

What is CompTIA Security+ Certification?

The networking industry has higher needs for experts who are not just knowledgeable about network security but are also compliant with industry standards. Among the things needed to land a good network security career is the CompTIA Security+ certification. This requires passing the Security+ practice test to prove efficiency in systems administration.

The CompTIA Security+ certification is a globally recognized accreditation that validates a professional's baseline skills. It's a measure of skills and knowledge about core security responsibilities and job functions.

A Security+ certificate also secures the 8570 compliance, a directive sent out by the Department of Defence for management and technical teams based on their job classifications. This guideline applies to people performing information security functions, regardless of their responsibilities.

Why the Tech Industry Needs More Security Experts Now!

It's essential to understand that a network security career can be challenging. The fundamental responsibilities of a network security specialist are to limit outside access to an organization's resources while maximizing network connectivity.

The increasing demand for cybersecurity professionals can be attributed to the threats compromising the integrity of a network and pulling vital information for personal gains.

Because of this, network security experts are vital components of every IT network. The industry has always been critical of the rapid tech changes and needs people who are up-to-date with the latest cryptography and encryption processes.

Thus, the network security industry is fast becoming one of the most profitable careers and is turning into a budding IT specialty, entirely distinct from other IT specializations.

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