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How does technology change lives?

by Staff writer
20 Jul 2020 at 16:15hrs | Views
Living in the 21st century, technology impacts every area of our lives. From the electronic alarm clock or mobile phone that wakes us every morning, we are never far from pressing buttons - on microwave ovens, televisions, laptops, smart devices, games consoles - the list is seemingly endless. The whole point of technology is to enable us to live our lives better, more streamlined, more efficiently, whether that's to do with our working environment, or with our social (and love) lives. There are so many ways that technology can change lives for the better (or sometimes for the worst).

Social media

There are so many websites and apps designed to make it convenient to keep in touch with various aspects of our social circles. In 2012 the number of Facebook users soared past the one billion mark, making it the first social media platform to do so. Twitter is engaged with 145 million users daily. These phenomenal figures demonstrate so much more than people having found a convenient source for communication. As with any online outlet, there are negatives, but these are outweighed by the pluses - this technology can undoubtedly change lives. Isolated individuals can feel part of a community. Vital news can be widely spread - an extremely important feature during the current health pandemic. Small businesses can reach just as many potential customers as huge corporations with a fraction of the budget.

Online dating

One of the most striking examples of technology changing lives has been the advent of the dating sites. Not so long ago, the majority of singles looking for a partner would hang out in social arenas (typically bars, nightclubs, gigs), or join clubs where they could interact with people sharing their interests. Nowadays all you require is access to a web browser. Technology has given singles so much choice. Depending on what individual tastes happen to be, you can opt for a diverse range of websites - with subjects covering everything from age-gap dating with sites like maturetenders to MMA fans and anything else you might ever have think about. The relaxed online environment of these sites makes it very easy for members to introduce themselves and strike up a rapport. Across the world, millions of people are now enjoying meaningful relationships, just by tapping their contact details, personal information, and profile photos into a webform.

Interactive education

Long gone are the days when students would face a teacher/lecturer scrawling on a blackboard with a piece of chalk or rely solely on books for homework. A whole raft of devices is now available to enable the efficient dissemination of information. In the lockdown situation, homes have become virtual classrooms. This isn't just restricted to those who are at school or those in further education. There are all sorts of websites and apps where interested people can educate themselves, 24/7. Technology can allow people to watch images from space stations in real-time, something that belonged to the realms of science fiction not so long ago.


There is any number of reasons why you might find yourself separated from a loved one by distance - holiday romance, work commitments, studying in different locations. This would once have put a strain on relationships, as communicating regularly had to be done by expensive telephone calls or letters, then latterly, emails. Now the parties concerned can plug into video chatting software, like Skype, Zoom, or Facetime, and engage with their partner as if they're on the opposite side of the room. This will have boosted many a partnership, ensuring people can touch case whenever it is convenient to do so.

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