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NGOs politics involvement worries Mnangagwa's govt

by Staff reporter
27 Nov 2019 at 06:23hrs | Views
GOVERNMENT has said that it is concerned about non-governmental organisations (NGOs) dabbling in politics, advising them to stick to their non-partisan development work.

Speaking at the NGOs directors' summer school held in Kadoma recently, the Principal Director in the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, Mr Clifford Matorera said Government is seriously concerned that some political activists are masquerading as directors of NGOs to cause violence and disunity amongst people in both urban and rural communities.

"Government is aware that there are some amongst you with political agendas. If you want to join politics, you should form a political party not to meddle in politics while you disguise yourselves as NGOs. Such people are disturbing peace in the country," he said.

Mr Matorera said NGOs must always disclose their resources and interests rather than use them to gain political mileage.

"We have also noted that the selection of beneficiaries in your areas of operation has become a source of conflict.  

"Some are now selecting beneficiaries on political party lines. We are now reviewing the process to ensure openness and transparency," he said.

"Those who are in charge of distributing resources are now doing that in a questionable manner. It also applies even to government workers. We have often seen items intended to benefit people being sold on the market or distributed to relatives. That is bad practice and it compromises the integrity of government workers."

Mr Matorera said when NGOs and Government workers are found wanting, they must be reported to the Ministry for corrective measures to be taken for the benefit of vulnerable people.

He said Government is reviewing the Public Service Act in order to improve accountability.

"We have experienced high cases of corruption in the civil service and hence we are now tightening the Public Service Act and a Public Finance Bill is also on the cards to improve public finance management while combating corruption," said Mr Matorera.  

The NGO's directors' summer school is a yearly interactive event. This year's was held under the theme, "Fortifying inclusive spaces and partnerships for sustainable development".

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