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Top 7 college freshman's writing worries

by Staff Writer
27 Sep 2019 at 10:39hrs | Views
College brings with it a multitude of problems. Some freshmen must acclimate to life on their own for the very first time. Others struggle to infiltrate the social scene. You also have quite a few students who are assaulted by anxiety over the prospect of fitting into a whole new setting with an entirely different group of people.

Writing assignments are a particularly intense source of worry. Some students are forced to contend with essays on their very first day. You could argue that the teachers who assign such work so early are unfair because the average freshman needs time to master the demands of a college essay.

And maybe that is true. It might explain why so many freshmen struggle with college essays, facing problems and worries such as the following:

1) The biggest concern for some people is language. Yes, a number of freshmen are normally fortunate enough to attend colleges that enable them to study in their native tongues. But you have foreign students who have to master a new language and then utilize it within the strict confines of a college essay.

This obstacle is actually easy to overcome because such freshmen are surrounded by native speakers. Through regular interactions with other students, their grasp of the local tongue is bound to improve. But until that happens, you can expect these freshmen to worry incessantly every time they come across a college essay.

2) Freshmen also struggle with the quantity of work that college demands. Yes, most freshmen start writing essays in high school. But high school essays are, for the most part, short and infrequent. College essays are not only long but they are assigned on a regular basis. As such, you have students who worry about failing to complete their assignments.

3) Even if the essays coming your way are short, it isn't that uncommon for new students in college to doubt their writing abilities. The standard of writing in college is always higher than what you encounter in high school. So it isn't so surprising to learn that new college students worry that they might lack the competence to reach that standard.

Of course, this worry eventually dissipates, especially if the student in question keeps practicing. But those early days are definitely nerve-wracking, especially for students who naturally struggle with self-confidence. Believe it or not, skillful writing has as much to do with confidence as it does talent and hard work. You cannot write a competent college essay if you do not trust your own writing skills. The problem may be fixed also by using an essay writing service. Check out the Omnipapers site to read a review about those that are trustworthy.

4) The problem with college professors is that so many of them are so broad in the assignments they send out. This is problematic for freshmen who receive so much guidance on their essays in high school only to find that the average college paper affords them significantly more freedom.

This puts some freshmen in situations where they do not know what to write about. A barrier like this doesn't make sense to high school students. They have to personally encounter some of the more common college topics that professors assign to realize that college-level essays provide too much room for interpretation. This leeway can become a source of anxiety for uninitiated freshmen who haven't been shown how to narrow their focus.

5) Even if you have confidence in your writing skills as a freshman and even if you have a vague idea of the approach you should take when tackling certain topics, the fact that you do not know the format that college essays take is going to stumble you.

Researching the common methods of structuring a college essay is one thing. Actually using that structure and format is something else entirely. This bleeds back into the issue of confidence. The formatting rules surrounding a college essay are so numerous that they typically intimidate freshmen.

6) Starting is another common source of anxiety for brand new college students. Putting that first sentence on paper or even making that first argument requires experience and practice if you are to do it properly. And the lack of experience for freshmen puts them in a situation where they are simply incapable of starting their paper.

7) Research tends to bamboozle freshmen, especially at the beginning. Some students have no idea how to start doing research or where to find their sources. Other students are easily overwhelmed by the quantity of research material they encounter.

Most of these challenges can be overcome with practice. Fortunately, many a college provides free assistance to freshmen in the form of tutors.

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