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How to search for an email database

by Staff writer
17 Aug 2020 at 19:51hrs | Views
First of all, let's establish that one of your biggest assets, as a company, is having a strong email database to work with. It's a critical aspect that stays on your mind the whole time and there is more potential out there every day. This is why it's important to do it smartly and follow some of the best practices out there, as you don't need to reinvent the wheel here, there are plenty of good practices.

According to a study, a little over 59% of the Business2Business marketers say that one of the most effective sales channels is still the email. They are a reliable method of communication that generated revenue and leads to sales professionals.

Let's say that you have tried everything and come to no good result, as in not getting a lot of email accounts. The next step that you should be taking is going on LinkedIn, where you have the chance to reveal your exploratory skills and fish for the accounts yourself.

There are a couple of common searches that seem to give relevant results and those are combinations of "Company name" and "Founder" or "Sales/Marketing Manager". However, if you feel that it's not enough, you can always resort to automated email generating tools, as you already covered enough ground on your own.

Use More Automated Tools
We are in 2020 now and the people started to acquire significantly more techniques to generate email account leads. And we are talking about tools that can scan hundreds of emails in a matter of seconds. Some say that this trend started from a known statistic, which states the following: „almost 37% of the B2B Sales agent is using an automation software".

What Are The Best Platforms Nowadays

Because numerous businesses offer services of automation for email account searches, we figured it would be best if we researched the top platforms and present them.
Most of the people that have answered our surveys said that SignalHire api has the best functions and the interface is user-friendly on top of it.


It will give you access to their search servers to find email accounts and generate leads without having to do the manual effort. Your part will be to gather the contact list with all the job areas that you are interested in and import it into the system. Their platform is optimized for CSV and TXT formats, so it would be great if you could make sure the files have one of those extensions. If you install the browser extension for sales professionals, the app will automatically detect relevant information about the profiles you are browsing over.
Create customized searches for further uses, with all the categories you are interested in.
Choose a paid plan that fits your needs, based on how many searches you would need in a month
CRM will help you manage and filter your leads, and organize emails towards potential customers.

A nice perk of the platform is that it allows you to search by certain keywords in the comments or the files section, just in case you stumble upon people that don't clearly describe their skillset. That is a very useful function, as you might find some hidden diamonds that other users of the SignalHire api have missed. This is a great opportunity for you to catch up on some advantages in front of your competitors.


Although it could also be a motivational message to start the day with, its actually the name of a platform that provides assisting services with email contact lists. FindThatLead is mostly based on social media scanning and finding relevant information about your potential customers, such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other web domains. All it takes for the sales professionals to get started is to get the extension for chrome and browse through the daily social media platforms. After this, just select "find email" from the extension button and you will get the following perks:
You will have the option of verifying the validity of the email accounts, on the same screen.
It has a built-in option of exporting the files in CSV format, easy to use for everyone.
If you only need it for a limited-time opportunity and don't require a longterm subscription, then you can go for the free extension. It lets you do up to 10 searches per week, which is still decent for a lot of people.

These platforms are merely simple tools that you can use, but the important part relies on your abilities to choose the right techniques and strategies to apply. If you don't make the sale in one shot, there are small chances a lead would buy your second offer. So if you combine these two sets of skills, building a strong email database can become a piece of cake, leaving you more time to focus on the big picture and the growth of your company.

To sum it all up, these ideas can be applied by anyone with a strong common sense of business, and make sure to leave no stone unturned. The main point is to be aware that it is only a catalyst to spark sales potential. A strong email database that is built with SignalHire api or any other top performing software, is the key to start a successful business partnership with your clients.

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