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The best cars to buy when living in the city

by Staff Writer
16 Apr 2020 at 15:34hrs | Views
When you live in the city, getting around is easy. Everything is around the corner, including work offices, libraries, shopping malls, garages and public transport. Many city folks don't feel the need to own a car. But not everyone's lifestyle is the same.

So, if you're one of the few city people who may want or need a car for better convenience, there are plenty of options available at your disposal. However, there are a few factors that you will need to take into consideration. Remember that while living in the city has its perks, it also has a few setbacks. These setbacks might seem somewhat minor, but they do have the potential to impact your life in a big way.

It's no secret that the roads in the urban city areas are a bit on the narrow side, and at times it can be challenging to get a parking bay on peak days, and when you do find one, it's pricey.

So, while you might have a dream to get yourself a Range Rover or a Chevrolet Tahoe, you might want to rethink your big car ambitions. Switch them up for a compact car that will allow you to make a swift and comfortable turn in small spaces, or squeeze in tight spots.

Another thing to consider is boot space; just because the vehicle is small, it doesn't mean it shouldn't come with enough space to pack your luggage or groceries. With that being said, you will be quite surprised to find that the best city cars are not only pleasing to the eye, fun to drive, and have more other benefits. They also come kitted with the latest technology, which includes an infotainment system and safety features. A few examples of these include Android Auto or Apple Auto CarPlay, climate and navigation systems, Forward Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, and so much more.

At this stage you're thinking, "what small car should I buy" or "what car type is best for me," and it's going to be a tough decision to make considering that buying the best small car in South Africa means picking from a huge list. Because of this, we've narrowed down at least ten of the best electric cars to choose from for your city adventures.

MINI Countryman
MINI cars have been manufactured since the 1960s; their popularity spilt over many countries across the globe. The MINI Countryman, in particular, is a stunner equipped with a ruggedly beautiful design and driving capabilities to give you a city experience you've always been fantasising about. It's a five-seater with about 450 - 1390 litres of boot space. The Countryman comes in different colours, and you can pick a colour that matches your taste.

Audi A3
Audi A3 Sportback has a dynamic muscular design, with a roofline that emphasises the car's athletic design. It comes with striking accents that reflect your individual personality. The S line packages, S line roof spoiler and illuminated front door finishers with S lettering, giving the interior even more sporty expression.

Hyundai i20
South Africans love themselves a Hyundai i20; take a drive to the mall, and you're bound to spot more than five in the parking bays. Understandably so, considering the car is a very chic city car. The interior is just as impressive as the exterior, kitted with the best engineering and technology. It truly takes seeing it in person, driving it and feeling it to understand why it's a city car of choice.

Volkswagen Polo GTI
The VW Polo GTI, also known as a starter car in South Africa, has so much to offer. It's built for a comfortable ride and practicality without compromising on the quality and elegance. It's exterior features a masculine arrow-shaped tornado line, from front to back. The interior, on the other hand, features the optional, wider opening panoramic sliding sunroof, and tinted glass with a high-quality roller blind. These features are proof that the possibilities are endless with VW Polo GTI.

Mazda 2
Mazda 2 allows you to experience the taste and beauty of freedom. It's the one car that bursts the preconception that a car's value is proportionate to its size. With a sporty look and dynamic design, such as the large diameter and sculpted look, it's a beautiful car indeed. It has a deeper boot space of 280 litres, so it may be exactly what you need for your city driving.

Toyota Aygo
Make your mark with the Toyota Aygo. This car is designed for people who, despite the fears and uncertainties, go for whatever they dream  about, regardless. They're known as the go-getters and trend-setters. It has a bold exterior, with a retractable canvas moonroof and 15-inch alloy wheels to make you drive with confidence. The interior is bold, modern and comfortable to let you invite anyone for a ride with you.

Datsun Go
When you're searching for more connections and togetherness, Datsun Go is your go-to city car. It has 5 +2 flexible seats so that you don't have to leave anyone behind. It's small but dazzling and pays attention to small details such as the diamond-cut 14-inch alloys. It's powered with Japanese engineering, which already is a good promise of performance to drive in the city.

Kia Picanto
Kia Picanto is created to fulfil your city needs. Small but agile enough to navigate the city roads, and big enough on performance to make you feel comfortable driving it. It offers you real flexibility to drive to the shopping mall or on an intimate road trip. There are a few features that come with a Picanto; specifically designed to make your driving more convenient. However, if you're more of the family type, it's probably too small for you.

Polo Vivo

The Polo Vivo is designed for you and your crew, or as the cool kids of today call it; your squad. It's perfected with five seats to fit everyone you want to share the ride with. It also has ISOFIX mounting points for baby seats, in case you, or one of your squad members, wants to take their kid for a ride. It's a stylish, sporty small car that attracts just about everyone of any gender and age.

Ford Fiesta
The Ford Fiesta seems to be popular in demand, as motorists are buying it brand-new or as a used car. This article notes that it came in the eighth spot among the most bought used cars in South Africa. None of this is surprising, the Fiesta is fun and frugal.
Final thoughts

These cars above have something different to offer people who are searching for small cars on sale. They combine beauty with practicality and comfortability. We know that it will not be an easy decision to make, but with many options, you're guaranteed to find something that is for you. Don't rush this process, because you will be driving the car for a while. The end goal is buying a car that meets all of your city living needs.

Source - Byo24News