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Benefits of using a single scissor lift

by Staff Writer
16 Dec 2019 at 11:31hrs | Views
Lift tables come in different forms. This enables users to choose the right and specific lift table for the specific tasks that they have at hand.

One of the most common lift tables is the single scissor lift table. As its name suggests, it lifts heavy loads on its platform through the use of a single scissors. These scissors could be manually, hydraulic or electric. As the scissor makes its movements, it lifts the platform onto which the heavy weight is placed to the required height.

There are several benefits that are gained from the use of a scissor lift. They include:

Quick and easy lifting of heavy loads
A single scissor lift table can comfortably lift weights between 500kg and 5000kg. This means that it is a lift table that can be used in many industries that often need to lift loads that are this heavy.
It can make tasks such as palletizing and loading quick and easy.

Easy to use
The single scissor lift is one of the easiest and simplest lift tables made. This is why it is the most common. It is quick and easy to comprehend as it has a simple design.
Its control buttons or levers are easy to access and manipulate.

Helps improve safety in the workplace
Workplace safety is one of the main factors that determine the perception of an employer. IT determines the type of employees you can attract and retain in your workforce. A poor-quality workforce leads to a poor-quality product.
Where employees have to lift heavy loads often, they often suffer from work related injuries. These leads to absenteeism and lots of money wasted in taking care of the health of the employees.

With a scissor lift, these types of injuries will be a thing of the past. Your employees will be happier and more productive.

Used in lots of different industries
Scissor lifts can be used in different industries. They can be used in construction to lift items as the building gets higher and higher. They can be used in the airline industry to help ease reach on the planes to hasten the maintenance process and can be used in the energy sector to reach, repair or align overhead wires.
They can be used indoors in factories or outdoors.

Have multiple uses
Besides lifting, lift tables can also be used as work surfaces. Their ability to move up and down ensures that these worktables are at the appropriate height. This ensures that the employees working on the tables are comfortable and do not strain to reach the best height to work with their hands.

They can be used in the kitchen or factories that deal with food or as a conveyor belt process where the work flows from one person to another along the table.

Reach high heights
Scissor lift tables can help reach very high heights. For example, in the airline industry or in construction and power maintenance, there are levels of height that even the tallest employee cannot reach by jumping. Scissor lifts come in handy.

For a lifting solution, scissor lifts are the most economic. They do not consume power as they are hydraulically operated unless you opt for the electric power-driven lifts. One lift is enough for all your factory needs. You only need to schedule its use appropriately.

Further, it can be operated by a single person and will not need the factory to employ a large workforce to man and operate it.

Space saving
The single scissor lift is also economical in the use of space in the factory. It is foldable when not in use and can therefore be stored easily. When in use, it occupies only the space equivalent to its base and platform which is quite small compared to other lifting equipment.

A single scissor lift has numerous benefits to any company that needs to lift heavy loads or reach high heights. It is affordable and will help enhance employee morale and improve productivity.

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