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5 stylish rides for your big jackpot event

by Staff Writer
19 Nov 2019 at 09:05hrs | Views
When it the last time that you recalled a poker star rolling up to the casino in a beat-up coupe or sedan? Heck, this is probably something that you've never seen and will never see in your lifetime. It is true that some poker players make more money than others, but they certainly don't let that hurt their swagger. Poker stars are always showing up to the latest events in breath-taking rides that offer the utmost in luxurious. If you want to be a poker star, you should consider making an entrance at your next big event. These 5 cars can help you do just that and much more.

Alfa Romeo 4C

It really is hard to match the Italians in terms of style and chic. This must is evident by just looking at the Alfa Romeo 4C, This voluptuous car features curves in the right places and a roofline that is just to die for. What's even better than the looks of this sleek automobile are its driving abilities. Being a mid-engine vehicle, you shouldn't have a problem producing as much torque and horsepower as you need.

Audi A5

Most people think they have seen ever body design possible on a vehicle. Well, think again. The Audi A5 offers a body style, unlike anything you have ever seen before. It has it all, style, class, and elegance. Another good addition is that this vehicle delivers on interior performance. The interior of the vehicle will offer one of the plushest and most comfortable rides that you have ever experience. You will be riding in style with this vehicle.

BMW 6 Series

Anyone from the quality online gambling site poker deposit pulsa could have told you that a BMW was going to be on this list. And, that is because over the years the BMW name alone has come to represent quality and dependability. That being said, the 6 series really is the very essence of style and grace. And, it doesn't just stop there. This model comes along with an impressive array of generous features that offer comfort and convenience right in one unique package.

Buick Regal

The Buick Regal is currently one of the most unique vehicles out there. And, this is because it is a model that still shows that you can have style, class, luxury, and performance all at an affordable rate. The vehicle is not only a solid performer on the road, but it is tastefully attractive. This vehicle will really shine when you draw attention to it.

Cadillac ELR

Over the years, the name Cadillac has come to represent luxury and style. And, when you look at everything that their vehicles have to offer it should be more than easy to understand why this is the case. The body of the ELR alone is stunning, but the package doesn't stop there. It is fast, frugal, and offers performance levels that you wouldn't normally get from a vehicle like this. With 38 miles to the gallon, you won't have a problem looking affordably stylish on your big casino night.
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