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Our top tips for buying a car

by Staff Writer
04 Oct 2019 at 13:30hrs | Views
Buying a car isn't easy. It's a big investment for most people, and if this is your first car, you might be feeling overwhelmed with all the information. There is a lot of paperwork involved and additional fees which might leave you confused. This post is going to cover our top tips for buying a car.

Our Top Tips for Buying A Car
Here's what you should know before you start looking for cars:

Evaluate Your Budget
That's the first thing you should be doing before you even start looking for possible models and makes. Without a budget in mind, you might end up spending money you don't even own.

Before deciding your budget, you should keep some margin for extra costs such as registration cost, dealer cost, road taxes, and even insurance premiums. That could add a few thousand to your car price.

Start with an online search. Visit car dealers in your area. Get a general idea of what you could be spending on a car with the feature you are looking for.

New or Used Car
Brand new will be hassle-free as it requires less maintenance and works to upkeep.  However, you probably already know that buying a new car will cost you more than a used one. If budget is an issue, you can consider getting a car loan.

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However, if you go for a used car, you can get a good price if you choose your car wisely. You could get a bigger and better model at a lower price.

Selecting Your Car
Once you have decided on the budget and whether you want to get a new car or go with a used model, it's time to choose the make and model of your car.

Ask your friends and family for suggestions. Research online. Decide on the features you want for your car. Some questions you should be asking yourself are:
 - How many people will be traveling in your car?
 - Are you looking for a luxury car or an economical one?
 - Do you want a petrol or diesel car?
 - What other must-have features are you looking for?
 - How much garage space do you have?
 - What safety concerns do you have?

Once you have all the features decided, it will be easier to select your dream car. Narrow down your choice to 2-3 options before making the final decision.

Research the Internet
Once you have selected your car, do online research on the car. Look at safety features and customer reviews.

When you do your research before visiting the car dealer, you will set a better impression on your dealer. Your dealer would be more willing to offer you a fair price for the car.

Visit the Car Dealer
Start looking for a car dealer in your area. If you have a friend or family member who is a car dealer, start with them. They will give you a better idea of what's trending in the market and you will comfortable discussing your choices with him.

You also have the option of going with a local dealer or an authorized dealer. There's isn't much difference between the two. An authorized dealer will likely deal with a specific company while a local one would have a bigger range of cars. Your authorized dealer will offer you a better deal for your car in the shape of extended warranties and freebies. You might want to visit both before you buy your car.

When dealing with a car dealer, keep these tips in mind:
 - Negotiate your price. Car Dealers usually keep a margin when mentioning prices for the first time.

 - Do some research. Look at reviews of your chosen car dealers. When researching your dealer, also research the cars you have narrowed down. Look at the price range for these cars.

 - Shop at the end of the month. That's when car dealers are willing to bring down their prices since they want to show better sales to their bosses.

 - Take along an experienced friend. If you have a friend who has experience dealing with car dealers, take him along. He will be better at negotiating prices and giving you a better idea of the circumstances.

 - Try to get your dealer to throw in a few freebies and discounts with the car.

Take a Test Drive
Before you narrow down your choice to one car, take a test drive. Test drive two or three cars before selecting the final one. See how driving the car feels like. Some things you should look for:
 - View from the Car. Are you able to view the roads properly from your driving seat?

 - Is the car smooth to drive? You should feel comfortable while driving the car.

 - Check the control. Check how the controls are working. Are the brakes working fine?

What about the wipers, and the turn signals? Check everything carefully.

We hope these tips will help you get your perfect car.
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