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Nine dollar computer

by Tawanda Nomatoma
10 May 2015 at 07:35hrs | Views
The cheapest computer ever made costing $9, the Raspberry Pi also known as the pocket chip

Cheap and credit card sized the Raspberry Pi enables you to do whatever you want with it. It is way to portable and it works like other desktop computers using a standard mouse and keyboard . You can also plug it on your computer monitor or your T.v .

The computer is also capable of playing games and HD videos, browsing the internet as well as word processing and spreadsheets. According to their blog, the Raspberry Pi is also capable of  interacting with the outside world. It can be used anywhere were a computer is of use, on musical machines, at weather stations and tweeting birdhouse with infra-red cameras.

Besides all that, the Chip comes with a Allwinner A13 ARM-based 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB storage. You can use bluetooth for connectivity or buy VGA or HDMI port adapter. Who knows maybe something smaller and innovative may come with a big RAM and storage.

Raspberry Pi is a creation of an Educational Charity based in UK with a goal of helping adults and children advance their knowledge in the field of computers, computer science and other related subjects.

The team added a statement, that they would want to see the pocket chip used around the world by kids to learn program and understand how computers works.

Source - Tawanda Nomatoma

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