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Dynamos, Wankie match verdict latest

by Sports Reporter
31 May 2012 at 09:23hrs | Views
WANKIE FC have expressed disappointment over the delay by the Premier Soccer League disciplinary committee to release the verdict of their case against Harare giants, Dynamos, more than a week after the case was heard.

The PSL resolved that verdicts should be out within seven days from the day of the hearing and the Wankie case, in which their coaches Mebelo Njekwa and Nation Dube were assaulted by rogue Dynamos marshals, was heard more than two weeks ago.

"We are getting worried as a club because of this delay because at the hearing we were assured that the verdict will be out within seven days but it's now well more than that," said Wankie spokesman and secretary Burzil Dube.

PSL chief executive officer Kennedy Ndebele early in the week rubbished the seven days issue saying members of the disciplinary committee were not fulltime PSL employees but were actually employed elsewhere and hence it would always be difficult to meet the set deadline.

When contacted for comment, PSL disciplinary committee chairman and Harare lawyer, Don Moyo, said the Wankie/Dynamos verdict should be out either today or tomorrow as they were busy working on the write up.

"I know we should have done that within the stipulated seven days but since we have other commitments, we normally meet over the weekends to deliberate on these issues. The Wankie/Dynamos verdict should be out before the end of the week, most likely tomorrow (today) while the Motor Action one should be ready by Friday," said Moyo.

Wankie said that during the hearing, they demanded a replay of the match at a neutral or empty stadium. It has since emerged, however, that various football judiciary bodies had all along no jurisdiction to order a replay of a match following a resolution by the Fifa 62nd Congress held in Budapest, Hungary, that a replay of a match can now be ordered.

All along disciplinary action for legal persons, which include clubs, included, according to Fifa Statutes Chapter 65, Section Three, a transfer ban, playing a match without spectators, playing a match on neutral territory, a ban on playing in a particular stadium, annulment of the result of a match, expulsion, a forfeit, deduction of points and  relegation to a lower division.

At the Fifa Congress, a 10th action was added, replaying a match.

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