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More than just a dream

29 Apr 2020 at 10:50hrs | Views
I had a dream that was more than a dream. A dream that I always wish my mind could escape it, but it's almost impossible. It felt real and it disturbs my soul until this day. I hate talking about it. Because the one who listens will probably forget it. But telling it makes it to cling more and more to my mind and soul. I had this disturbing dream last year around June.

South Africa was covered with great darkness and so much blood. The sky didn't give it's natural light, when I raised my eyes there was no stars neither the moon giving light. It's was hard to even see other things such as buildings and trees. But I could clearly see black and white South Africans, young and old, male and female holding weapons in their hands. Weapons such as; machetes, guns, and stones. There was so much anger, hate and blood everywhere. "It's either you were fighting to death or running to death." I had to run to safety.

I ran into a room, I could only see the door it had light, but inside it was so big. It had so many people, but everyone inside was so distressed and in great anguish. The room was not the assurance of safety it was just buying some time. Death was a the door step of every life. My only blood relative in that room was my grandmother. A woman of God, one of the most loving and caring people I have known in my life. At that moment I knew I had to do something.

That room had one small window at the top. I climbed to it's height and went out. I knew it was dangerous to go out, but it was the only way to go look for help and hope. As I jumped out, I saw a woman who was badly hurt. She couldn't walk and she was bleeding on her head. I held her right shoulder and looked into her eyes and said; I'm going to look for help. I'm going to tell the world what's really happening in South Africa. Until this day I still wonder what it meant. That was the end of it. It was really terrifying.

I really don't know if it will happen or not, and I pray it shouldn't. All I know is that it felt too real. As a nation we are recently fighting covid-19. And I'm not worried about it, because I strongly believe this too shall pass. We shall overcome it. I am more concerned about what will happen after this pandemic. So many unanswered questions in my head. What if this pandemic affects our economy beyond our human imagination?. What if South Africans start to fight for the bread basket?. What if this pandemic takes the "blame game" to higher levels?.What if this pandemic launches a South Africa we will not love to live in. Only God has all the answers for this crucial questions.

We have to pray hard for our nation. Our nation desperately need a spiritual freedom, before it's too late. "We have to stop embracing lies as truth, and truth as lies. We have to go and face the mirror, and reflect on the repentance from the past, and the forgiveness towards the future." We at least owe it to the next generation to make this country a better place for all of them.

A place they will be proud to call home. A blessed, prosperous and the most united nation the world has ever witnessed." When light appears darkness dissappears. We have to seek God's light into our hearts. May the evil roaming our country never feed on our blood. God plainly said to me; A modern society will soon witness the power of an ancient God. I guess it wasn't more than just a dream, it might be a revelation.

I love you all and Stay blessed!💞

Source - Pastor Eric Shikobela
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