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Close all Prophetic Churches in Zimbabwe

23 Dec 2019 at 14:38hrs | Views
Zimbabwe government must close all the prophetic churches in the country for duping the most vulnerable members of our community of their hard-earned cash. There must be guidelines for anyone who wants to start a church: Pastor must have a PhD in divinity, and facilities that provide decency to the followers.

I am hundred percent sure the government of Zimbabwe does not know the number of churches in Kuwadzana alone. Churches are springing up everywhere like mushrooms; what is sad is that there is no infrastructure like toilets and safe drinking water. So where do people go to relieve themselves? What about diaper changes? Sanitary pads?, rains? lighting protection? These are basic needs; the government must protect the most vulnerable members of our society who are forced to spend nights and days in the open by false prophets and prophets of doom.

Zimbabwe doesn't need so many churches, we don't have the means to sustain them. This is not about freedom of expression, it about protecting the most vulnerable from these Prophets of doom who will never allow their followers to express themselves freely anywhere. What happens under those trees, houses, and tents stay under those trees. The government must with immediate effect declare such gatherings illegal and arrest any prophets that defy the order. No Pastor with a PhD, no building with toilets and no running water, no church!

Zimbabwe has witnessed fake prophets who claim to have received a calling to preach then go on to be rich off poor followers. I know firsthand that Zimbabwe's government respects freedom of worship but protecting lives of vulnerable people must come first; There must be clearly laid down standards that must be followed by all churches.

Source - Sam Wezhira
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