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'We are relaxing lockdown to level 2' - is WHO even trying to stop a covid-19 epidemic here

03 May 2020 at 10:12hrs | Views
"We have gradually lifted lockdown restrictions in some sectors such as mining and the marketing of tobacco. Noticing that there is now a gradual increase of infections, the lockdown will continue for the next 14 days, however, relaxed to Level 2," said President Mnangagwa.

What is clear here is the lockdown is being applied at random! There was no rational reason for imposing a total lockdown on 30 March and now the lockdown is being eased for no rational reason either. To stop corona virus from getting in the country and, once in, the steps required to stop it spreading must be based on accurate information on valid corona virus cases data.

We all know that corona virus originated in China and the only way to spread it from China to another country is someone with the virus bringing it into the country! New Zealand is one of the countries that imposed a strict 14-day self-isolation on all coming into the country. Those who could not self-isolate for whatever reason were put in quarantine.

Zimbabwe's self-isolation policy of new arrivals was a laissez faire, to say the least. If the new arrivals have no high temperature and any other corona virus symptoms they were allowed into the country, mix freely, advised to self-isolate as soon as practical.

Only those who showed corona virus symptoms were to be detained, tested and, if positive, placed in strict self-isolation. This was in theory, in practice even those with symptoms were allowed to go free. The late Zororo Makamba had the symptoms and he used his political influence to be allowed to go free.

The only way to be sure the virus had not sneaked in and was spreading was to make sure as many people with the corona virus like symptoms were tested, especially those who had been outside the country or in touch with someone who had. "Test, trace, isolate and treat!" World Health Organisation (WHO) advised.

When Zimbabwe imposed the 3-week total lockdown on 30 March 2020 the country had 7 confirmed cases of covid-19 and one death and had carried out less than 200 tests. How anyone can ever justify a total lockdown on the population of 15 million on the basis of such data beggars belief!

The regime promised to ramp up its testing during the lockdown from 40 test or so a day to 1 000 per day. The country received 50 000 test kits. At the end of the 3-week total lockdown, the country had 25 confirmed covid-19 cases and had done only 3 308 tests – a far cry from 21 000 tests promised! The regime reduced the lockdown rules and imposed a 2-week level 3 lockdown.

At the end of the 2-week level 3 lockdown the number of cases was 40 and with less than 7 000 tests carried out – less than 20% of the expected 35 000 tests.

People have asked why Zimbabwe has not been testing and all they ever got was the usual stone-silence from the regime. There is no doubt that this Zanu PF regime's failure to test and get accurate data on the virus is putting the whole nation at increased risk of the corona virus spreading just as China did by being secretive at the outbreak of the virus.   

I call upon the World Health Organisation (WHO) to carry out its own investigation of the mysterious malaria cases in Zimbabwe, why the country is not testing as recommended, why the Zanu PF regime is not releasing test results, etc. WHO has a representative in Zimbabwe and it has donated millions of dollars in cash and equipment to Zimbabwe to help fight the corona virus.

There is no doubt the whole world would have been spared the economic devastation and human misery and deaths corona virus was wrecked on us all if China had not silence Dr Li Wenliang.  WHO has been rightly criticised for not carrying out a thorough and independent investigation on corona virus as soon as it was clear China was not being honest, transparent and truthful about the virus.

It is clear that this Zimbabwe government is not being honest, transparent and truthful on how widespread the corona virus is the country. Pretending that some with corona virus has malaria, for example, is dangerous in that many people are being put at unnecessary risk.

WHO has the mandate and duty to safe guard the health of us all, so deadly diseases do not sweep a nation to become a epidemic or sweep nations to became a pandemic. WHO has a duty of care to the people of Zimbabwe, not the country's corrupt ruling elite, to the nation has the correct and up to date  covid-19 figures.

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