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The continuous aggression in the unmaking of African religion

28 May 2018 at 15:58hrs | Views
African religion continues to suffer violence and aggression in the post-colonial era in the hands of its own target beneficiaries! (Matthew 11:12). And it is them that must rise and save it by force both in Africa and at destinations of slavery such as the Americas. So was the case in Israel with the prophetic persecution beginning with the ministration of John The Baptist. This was the begining of the departure from long entrenched both spiritual stagnation and spiritual criminality in Israel. Fulltime paganism! A lawless society until The Exodus from Egypt to Canaan in the leadership of Prophet Moses! The western invaders! The settlers! And the looters! Yes! They attacked African religion without ceasing to the present! They condemned its efficiency when they failed to imitate it.

African religion comprises of Spirit Mediums, Rainmakers, Traditional Doctors that the settler-colonial authority called Witch-Doctors. Witches, Satanists, pre and post Christ Believers in Jehovah and their Prophets/Priests, Chiefs and Kings. African religion had its own effective control mechanisms on social misfits of all kinds. Effective governance! A lawful society since creation.

The unbiblical African religion was flushed-out and subjected to the faked biblical doctrines. Africans were equipped to unmake their origin and embrace and teach that they had originated in The Garden of Eden! And cursed to be African or black because of sin power on Noah's son Ham and his son Canaan! (Genesis 9:18-28). Afrucans were condemned and subjected to arbitrary lineage to the cursed Ham. Africans were trained to both embrace and teach condemnation upon themselves! Black by curse! To embrace and teach that Jehovah was a white God for whites! And a god that would be kind enough to carry back cursed material, Africans, as last class believers, and, therefore, strict observers of white supremacy. Trained to be fearful bible-believers! A weapon of both oppression and suppression! Oppression and suppression both in the physical and spiritual. It remains as very interesting to note that the bible was raised to a supreme position over The Christ that those who call themselves Christians claim to be following and, therefore, imitating. The Christ made a proclamation to the effect that He would leave The Holy Spirit in charge of The Spiritual World! Not The Bible. (John 14:18 & 26). Prophet Jesus was persecuted for rising above the scriptures of the day. Prophet Jesus worked in the spirit and dealt with current issues of the time! He rose above the prevailing rigid scriptures that restricted the movement of The Holy Spirit! And, therefore, the hand of Jehovah. This Christ most realistic approach upset The Scribes, The Sadduces and The Pharises who assumed that they were, themselves, the most supreme believers with the most superior contact with Jehovah. Prophet Jesus founded neither a Church nor a religion! But He only  brought a message of realistic spiritual growth and nourishment. Christianity was founded by Roman Emperor Constantine many years later after The Christ, for criminal purposes. He sought to legitimise his spiritual crimes against humanity fraudulently through The Christ. His mother build the first Christian Temple. Theology schools and universities sprang-up to indoctrinate nations in support of this spiritually criminal and fraudulent institution! That is the difference between the book and paper qualification obtained in theological schools and universities, and true anointed prophets of Jehovah. When He, The Christ, healed on The Sabbath! When he made clay with his saliva and smeered it upon the eyes of the blind man and restored his sight! And when He healed The Ten Lepers, He provoked the rage of the fake spiritual authorities of the day who described the events as being unscriptural! And no theological school nor university wields of a syllabus that addresses such predominant spiritual needs. Present day true prophets remain, similarly, facing violence! Persecuted non-stop. South Africa insitutionalised such persecution with a statutory body, The Commission for Religion and Languages (CRL) headed by a highly misguided energetic personality with heavy agenda to undo African religion.

African men were sent all-over the modern world to study and obtain all the knowledges of a fake god as a strong means of unmaking African religion! God of the book in the book! God in the laboratory under microscope and brought him home to their people in Africa to destroy Africanism! Equipped to idolise at the highest level! And unconsciously trivialise that hand of the real God of genuine creation who deliberately created the African in His own image! And gave breath from His own nostrils! Black by design, not by default! Going artificially pink was a direct conflict with the hand of Jehovah. Immeasurable spiritual fraud! Trained to embrace and teach western religion that taught them to let-go of their own Jehovah-given functional religious and cultural values in favour of fong-kong make-shift spiritual pick-pocket arrangements designed to unceasingly strip Africa of its resources, wielding the Roman Empire man-made Bible. Africans were trained to accept and teach that the western worship of God was a discovery upon Africa that civilised Africans out of paganism! And partially rescued them from the Ham curse that spiritually qualified them to be the commodity in the slave trade! Africans were trained to biblically give-away their religion, culture and land and all their resources to the Bible-wielding invader so that they could become poorer, more dependent and loyal to the prevailing evil! Loyal to dispossession to this present day. If African prophets were to be trained or indoctrinated to think, dream and operate in confinement to The Ancient Jewish Genesis to Revelation and Israel, or The Vatican who would then attend to the spiritual most pressing present-day and emerging challenges in that African context? Locked rigidly between the first sentence in The Man-Made Book of Genesis and last full-stop in The Book of Revelation! And a command, "Thou shalt neither add nor subtract!" But the first American president was known to have produced his own version of The Bible to Roman Emperor Constantine's. British King James produced his most preferred King James version to suit his personal circumstances of the day. Then The New International Version for another circumstance of the day! Zimbabwe's late former ceremonial Head of State, Reverend Canaan Sodindo Banana, a convicted rapist homo-sexual, an ordained man of god, of The Methodist Church, last aspiration was to re-write the bible! Of course with homo-sexual connotations to suit yet another contrary circumstance of the day! And reigning Pope Francis has advanced similar interests upon The Bible. For how long will such whimsical customisation or faking of the bible from original equally vulnerable print go by the chosen powerful few? They have continuously skipped their own order neither to add nor to subtract into or out of The Bible. There exists just too much of Born-Again Fire-Fire cutting and pasting attacks upon the same many times already inaccurate Bible! That is the question! And, therefore, urgent need or demand to reverse the retrogressive status quo in favour of Africa and Africans. While The Bible and its Israeli history rightfully functions as a great source of history, inspiration, encouragement or spiritual nourishment, it would be grossly erroneous to qualify it as the ultimate tool of worship especially for Africans. Israeli history, culture, religions and circumstances have never been similar and will never be, to that of Africa. There shall never be that seven-fold heated brazzing furnace of Shadreck, Meshack and Abednego! Nor another pride of lions that Daniel went through! The poems/psalms of King David and their circumstances of the time will give no repeat! King David, the murderous criminal, was addressing his own delinquent circumstances in his stormy relationship with Jehovah at every stage of his life. David, with his hands full of blood, had to most creatively lubricate or attempt to bribe his way through with Jehovah. Africa has its own sufficient neglected rich inspirational lessons to draw from. Yes! Early believers in Africa listened to, and embraced the message of Prophet Jesus with which they further enriched their spirituality. Prophet Jesus message and entire mission remained as so unique and extra-ordinary at the time in Israel because it so towered beyond the out-dated Israeli scriptures that had, in various ways, out-lived their purpose to address current and future curcumstances! The ancient African prophets that lived both before and after Christ to the present, were in agreement with Prophet Jesus in this way as they also presided over a similar current circumstances-driven mission. Such spiritual disposition made them the most ready men/women to team-up with Christ teachings! It would not be spiritual outrage to advance the assumption that if Prophet Jesus had been sent to Africa he would have, most probably, not died that violent death! There could have been less resentment and rejection! It remains as most probable that He would have experienced less opposition or none at all in Africa! And therefore no-one to crucify Him! So The Prophet was not sent to Africa for such constructive reasons. No such need existed! So it would have been spiritually strategic to deploy Him upon a spiritually stagnant and criminal lawless nation like The Israelites who only received The Ten Commandments as late as Moses to fulfill the prophetic. And, therefore, Prophet Jesus's mission would have been failed by these African spiritually compliant conditions. He could have faced visibilty challenges and would have gone equally unrecoded as equivalent African prophets of the day. He could have achieved no desired impact in Africa! Prophet Jesus would have had to pursue African religion and culture, and, therefore, would have been obscured by similarly spiritually assigned men/women! There would have been incomplete spiritual history in Israel! And could have influenced not much of spiritual change as those less sung prophets already sent to Africa were equally sufficiently competent! Everyday emerges with totally new circumstances that require totally new solutions! The Ebola out-break! HIV/Aids! Listeriosis! Legalisation of same sex marriages. Trivialisation of The Prophetic. Genetically Modified Foods! Chemical Warfare that Moses' rod that divided The Red Sea and swallowed The Egyptians would not have been an appropriate tool to use. Or the march and singing around Jericho Wall that eventually collapsed at the seventh time. (Joshua 6:2-5). Or Prophet Elijah and the 400 prophets of Baal that he stabbed to death! (1Kings 18:40). With current circumstances Elijah woud have been most assured of the gallows! And, therefore, a failed mission of Jehovah. Or, Queen Esther! Multitudes draw immense inspiration from her but surely there would be no repeat circumstance of that Jewish horror event. (Esther 4). It remains as, therefore, spiritually inadvisable for an African to pray and believe in the language, culture, manner and every circumstance that an Israelite would! Or any such white person from whichever corner of the universe.

Africans have a banana backbone when they should have selected a meral backbone as regarding the defence of their faiths and religion! Africans failed their own cultures, religions and prophets unlike the Moslems. The Moslem religion is Islam. The Moslems have stood with their prophet Mohamed both in good times and in perilous times! A prophet of their own neighbourhood, culture and religion and their Christ equivalent! (Deut 18:18). With their Islamic Bible, The Quoran. To the present day a Moslem would die for their prophet who remains as their most critical link with their God, Allah. Not a surprise that Moslems have grown from strength to strength and become more influential in world politics with most sound economies, armerments and religious unity of purpose praying five times per day to their God Allah in the name of Prophet Mohamed. Every Moslem world-wide observes the month of Ramadan! A month of arbitrary fast. All modern aeroplanes, most of which are Islamic owned, now have a mosque and compliant ablution facilities to facilitate for consintency in prayer in travel and the maintenance of the traditional method of toilet manners! Washing of the anus after passing stools. All progressive airlines, Europe and The Americas, have been forced into this Islamic compliance to secure such patronage! And a Mosque remains as the most strategic point of contact with their God, Allah. Moslems have been, always, on the rise in defence of Islam, their religion, throughout creation. And yet Africans have shamelessly allowed themselves to sink into becoming the most critical activists in the unmaking of their own African religion. Both in governance and business Islamic religious leaders such as The Ayotolah and The Sultan respectively remain as the most critical spiritual characters for perenial spiritual guidance. Any contrary attempts to temper with the Islamic religion has served as sufficient justification for an instant Holy War upon any such aggressor! Even if it would mean the deployment of suicide bombers upon any such aggressor in defence of their origins. Then one was left to wonder as to what makes African prophets and their institutions of religion of lesser in value in the eyes of their own people and governments. The Moslems are in agreement just as Africans, to the fact that Prophet Jesus existed for the Jews! And Prophet Mohamed for them! And African prophets for Africa. Therefore zero conflict! But thise who call themselves Christians have remained so humiliatingly critical and so unrealistically prescriptive against all Jehivah's other authentic prophets..

Africans were fraudulently equipped to trivialise their superior contact with Jehovah and places of superior contact with Him in the mountains! Mount Sinai, in Egypt, in Africa, a mountain of superior contact with Jehovah, that is only mentioned for the glorification of the Jews of Moses and The Ten Commandments, was, for time immemorial, Africa's spiritual nerve centre! A mountain of worship! Prophet Moses' miraculous burning bush in Egypt! Africans had already seen more of that! The rain-maker sang master-key songs with perculiar foot-work and instruments for instant unlocking of The Heavens for rain! The ancient prophets, before and after Christ, prophesied, prayed and healed multitudes! A religion too sophisticated for the settler-colonial invaders! When they failed to imitate African religion! Danced and sang like the rain-maker! Prayed for the same water for healing powers! The heavens did not respond! They tried to embrace other African healing powers! Invaded shrines and got retributions of all kinds with some settler-colonialists climbing on these holy shrines never to come back to the present! The heavens protestantly went on dead silence mode! They angrily abandoned and condemned the practice and termed it all witchcraft and paganism to be abandoned with high sense of urgency in favour of a fake god in the laboratory! Theological Schools and Universities! Study of the knowledge of god that has prevailed to this present day! One never stops as to wondering on how man engages on the laboratory theological university study of Jehovah!

The Hebrew nation originates in The Garden of Eden! The Bible goes into dip detail of one nation! Most probably The Hebrews and The Greeks had been the most materially civilised people at the time and were literate enough to record all their circumstances. Not other nations of varying cultural and religious circumstances and goegraphical settings! Africans had, at the settler-colonial incursions, been brain-washed to think and believe that they originated from Adam and Eve in The Garden of Eden. That they were once white with pointed nose and long golden hair! And that Adam and Eve were Jehovah's earliest and only creation on mother earth at the time! But Cain, after the murder of his brother Abel, which logically leaves only two other people, his parents Adam and Eve, with him, a total of three, departs and marries into another race/tribe in the land of Nod. (Gen 4:16-17). The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! Of Daniel, Shadreck, Meshack and Abednego! And King David, remains as a stranger to African religion. But the God of Shaka Zulu, Mzilikazi kaMashobana, Moshoeshoe, Prophet Samuel Mutendi of The Zionist Christian Church in Zimbabwe, Johane Masowe and The Njelele Shrine in Zimbabwe, Anginas Lekganyane of The Zionist Christian Church in South Africa, Prophetess Anna  Mantsumpa (1795-1906) in the Free State in South Africa! Prophetess Alice Lenshina, founder of The Lumpa Church in Zambia and persecuted at length by the black Kenneth Kaunda United National Independence Party (UNIP) government, leaving 700 of her followers dead. Prophet Mgijima in South Africa, (1868-1929). Ntsikana, (1760-1821). Credo Mutwa, (1921-present. Black children in the 1976 Soweto Uprising were incited to attack Prophet Credo Mutwa's Zone 2 Diepkloof home setting the house alight by inadvertently labelling him a witch. The man of God on The Cross, unlike Prophet Jesus, Prophet Mutwa escaped with his life. Isaiah Shembe, (1865-1935). Living youthful founder of The Revelation Church of God, Dr. Prophet Samuel Radebe! A prophet of aggressively growing, visible, felt and loud presence in Africa set to restore The African Temple through equally aggressive mobilisation of other African prophets of all nations! And commemoration of the past all-Africa prophets! Founder of The Inkululeko YeSizwe Prophetic Association! Prophet Radebe, of The Hlubi tribe, of The Amasosha fame! A spiritual trade-name given to his followers. Most feard opponent of The Commission for Religion and Languages (CRL) statutorily set-up to oppose the growth and nourishment of African religion. Awesome warrior of true African religion! God of Kgosi Seepapitso of The Bangwaketse in Botswana, Kgosi Linchwe of The Bakgatla, Khama of The Bangwato, Tawana of The Tawana and Masunga of Bokalaka, Prophet Simon Kimbambu of The Congo, Walter Mazinyo Matita of Lesotho and many others Africa-wide remains as the only true God of African creation who made it known that every nation and tribe would be blessed with its own prophet of its origin, language and culture (Deut 18:18). Not from theological schools and universities. You will note that 99 percent of the above named personalities were illiterate but filled with both The Holy Spirit and Power!  Africans were equipped to demonise Zulu prophetic King Shaka by the settler-colonial thieving community for his early sensitivity and rise and strategic resentment respectively of the early pioneer settler incursions into southern Africa! King Shaka' strategic forced mobilisation of weaker nations putting  them under his governance and growing his army, commonly known as The Mfecane Wars, for effective contention against the settler-colonial incursions made him a living thorn in the settler-colonial invasions. They, the settler-colonial thieves, equipped Africans to resent and reject King Shaka as a typical savage for defending Africanism at all costs! To this day multitudes of narrow-minded Africans believe-so! The settler-colonial description of a patriotic hero! Prophesied at point of assassination that Africa would now fall into the hands of strangers! Africans have been equipped to be lead choristers in the glorification of the Israeli museaum! They go and wail there at high cost in escort of The Born-Again Fire-Fire paper prophets! Wailing for Jehovah's attention! Wailing at another nation's ancestoral sites and yet in full despise of their very own. Seen no need of Africa's own rich museaum of great ancient memories to be build-upon bearing the true hand of Jehovah! The most favoured Africans have sunk into glorifying Israeli Moseic Ten Commandments and despised their own issued much earlier at creation. They part with fortunes to get to Israel to pay visitation to the graves of The Lion of Judah, King David, the true criminal who looted Uriah's wife and murdered the husband! A marauding raider and wanton-looter! A man who shamed Jehovah with too much of human blood in his hands! A man who tried to bribe Jehovah with a Temple to cover-up his sins! And Jehovah said "No thank you! There is too much blood in your hands to build my Temple! Your Son Solomon will"

Africans have been equipped to be most eloquent in the condemnation of their own Jehovah-given origins in adoration of the invading settler-colonialists. Africans have been so equipped to dream more of Prophet Moses, Aaron and Prophetess Miriam and demonise their own true prophets and ancestors both in the physical and spiritually! Trained to resent and reject these front-line Angels of Jehovah upon the living and embrace the Jewish. This conduct is not of Jehovah but of The Devil. It is a high form of spiritual stagnation or limitation! The Devil has, in this way, successfully pitched himself in very high places and institutions of governance all-over the world. And in this way Africa has lost full contact with Jehovah as it wails in foreign languages to the wrong authority and embraces non-Jehovah given religions and cultures. Jehovah deliberately blessed Africa with religion, languages, colour, texture and cultures that He still observes and most attentively listens to, as a loyal creator! When it gets wantonly attacked and defaced, Africa loses true contact with The Jehovah of Africa and He goes on to protestant mode and waives His ever-brave protection upon the rebelious continent! Then it experiences multiple challenges in the most shameful destructive unprophetic leadership! Horror leadership like that of Zimbabwe's Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Uganda's General Idi Amin Dada, South Africa's Jacob Zuma, Central Africa Republic's Francois Bozize and Zaire's Sese Seko Joseph Mobutu, to mention but just a few. Or, former South African President Nelson Mandela who committed more in the service of the whites than to Africa! The German Ambassodor was recently quoted as saying that in his country every child at early childhood learning school knew about Nelson Mandela but not in South Africa and Africa as a whole. Wars! Famine! Disease! And various forms of retrogressive social decadence. The Devil has since taken full-charge of State Houses of the world to officially belt-out Satanism upon Africa. Oppressed and suppressed the truths of Jehovah with fake religion, fake men of God wielding The Bible with paper qualification as against spiritual. Risen against African religion that carries no paper qualification! And was of no known boundaries in terms of social status or education! All African religious leaders have a common characteristic. Illiteracy! They start speaking to Jehovah in their mother's wombs and start performing spiritual assigments at very early childhood in the manner that Israeli ancient prophets Moses, Elijah, Elisha, John The Baptist, Jesus The Christ and many others did! Such that schooling becomes a hindrance to The Great Commission! They, naturally have to pull-out of school to go spiritual on fulltime basis. This could also be another spiritually strategic way of keeping the hand of Jehovah out of academic pollution. Their arrival is fore-told many-many years before! Academia has become yet another devastating satanic set-back to African worship of Jehovah as it seeks scientific interpretations on the movement of the hand of Jehovah.

The world and Africa under prophets and prophetic kings was closer to Jehovah in old days! Heaven was in control at the time that Jehovah anointed kings. Kingship was neither a one size fits-all nor a free-for-all! Nor the crown for the fittest! Nor most shrewed! A prophet remained as the chief of defence and security or war strategist! And kings and rulers bowed-down before the anointed man of Jehovah and, in this way, enjoyed instant communication with The Heavens. The settler-colonial authority overturned this prophetic authority in Africa and invested it upon The Queen of England or The King of Belgium, Poland; Italy or The German. The Aramian king angers upon prophet Elisha for his role in the defence of Israel. (2Kings 6:8-23)The Israeli King refers to the man of Jehovah as "Father!" (2Kings 6:21). When Obadiah, a top official in King Ahab's government, realises that he had come into contact with the anointed man of Jehovah, Elijah, he falls down on his face in acknowledgement. (2Kings 18:7-8). When King Jehoshaphat is invited into war in favour of a fellow Israeli King, he inquires of a prophet of Jehovah, and Elisha is located to prophesy on the respective war. On his death-bed, Prophet Elisha serves a Kingdom with prophetic prowess! Israeli King Jehoash cries to the dying prophet for Heaven's mercy over an imminent war that he was most probably ill-equipped for, and surely he gets the required reprieve through the prophet. (2Kings 13:14-18). Note that again, this King refers to the prophet as"My Father!". All those kings and rulers who listened and humbled themselves before the prophets of Jehovah enjoyed the presence and approval of The Heavens! Their enemies were taken-over by The Almighty Jehovah.

After The Transfiguration, Prophet Jesus was seen with his ancestors Moses and Elijah in approval of His mission. (Mark 9:2-4). To the contrary, if an African experiences the same with his ancestors he faces most critical resentment and rejection or spiritual condemnation! Deliverence or instant ostracism from The Fire-Fire Born-Again Papal prevailing circus! If an African, like Israeli Prophet Nehemiah, who prayed The King for permission to return to the charred ruins of Jerusalem because his forefathers lay there (Nehemiah 2:2-6) prayed the President for  permission to go and resuscitate, his ancestors ruins, for the sack of protecting the ancestoral graves, he would get quickly labelled as being paganist and would face irretriviable spiritual condemnation by the men of paper theology trained to despise of both ancestoral authority and communion. Or, if Africans were to pay sufficient and most befiting honour to their dead as prophetically promised to the King of Juda, Zedekiah, (Jeremiah 34:4-5) that would have faced instant condemnation from paper theologists who were trained to stay in contempt of their religion. Africans have been trained neither to mourn nor honour their dead only because they have been born-again and subscribe to The Fire-Fire outfits! Or, if Jehovah would instruct an African to marry a prostitute like Prophet Hosea, the man of paper theology would chase such saint out of the paper theology temple. (Hosea 1:2-3). Or, if African ancestors would bargain for their families in the manner that Rachel, Jacob (Israel)'s late wife, does for her living suffering children, (the Israelites, Matt. 2:18), the men of theology paper qualification would speed-out of the paper qualification temple of god instead of engaging into  communion with the respective ancestoral spirit. Or, if an African got installed into power in the manner that Israeli first King, Saul was, where he gets instructed to go and receive good news and meet the prophets by his great-grand mother Rachel's grave, that would have been condemned as open demonic paganist anointing to rule. And yet it was of Jehovah. (1Samuel 10:2-7). What do graveyards and the spirit of the dead have to do with the living! That is paper qualification fake theology that sinks to the level of contradicting  the same bible that it wields of.

The Born-Again Fire-Fire paper qualification African prophets talk or deal much with generational curses. Generational curses or evils that are known to be hereditary! Passed from father-to-son from generation-to-generation. Passed either directly in real life as witchcraft or demonic authority! Or, spiritually by the dead! There exists lots of evidence of these curses through spiritual manifestations and open confessions! In both dreams and physical practice respectively. Dream is a critical spiritual medium of communication! Jehovah, since creation to the present, has transmitted most strategic communication through dreams! He revealed Himself in anger and delivered a curse upon King Nebuchadnezzar in a dream! (Daniel 4). Announced the births of John The Baptist and Prophet Jesus in a dream! Instructed The Three wisemen  to avoid King Herod on their return from Bethlehem in a dream! And Joseph to flee to Egypt to save baby Jesus in a dream! Prophet Elijah continuously falls into deep sleep to take strategic instruction from Jehovah. So African ancestors, the other frontline class of Angels of either Jehovah or The Devil continue to transmit such strategic communication in this Godly way. And they would be best-suited for such assignment because their African families would easily identify and relate to them as compared to a shining winged heavenly object! That is Jehovah's most creative logic! But where there exists a curse! The opposite of curse is blessing! It goes without saying that there would also be a generational blessing transmitted in a similar way. The onus to receive either rests with such target person. The Born-Again Fire-Fire Paper Prophets will not hear of such communication with the dead! Or, encourage receipt of such blessings through the manifestations of the departed souls! Isaac, at the point of death arranges to pass-on a blessing upon one of his twin boys, Esau and Jacob (Genesis 27:2-10). This blessing fraudulently goes to Jacob. Jacob, at his point of death, blesses Joseph and his two sons Manasseh and Ephraim (Genesis 48:8-10). And then later called for all his sons and passed blessings upon those that he was pleased with and curses upon those that were found to be undeserving. (Genesis 49).In the event that death strikes before such hand-over of generational curses/blessings such curses/blessings hand-over would then manifest spiritually or in dreams and visions! Born-Again Fire-Fire Paper-Prophets influence the target person or clan and wholistically disable such hand-over. If it is evil the target person or clan may choose to reject it! With Fire-Fire Born-Again bad spiritual advice and practice, lots of Africans are poor and suffering in excruciating poverty and disease because they had been trained to dishonour the dead out to hand-over the Jehovah-given relay baton of either generational blessings or curses.

The knowledge and wisdom of Jehovah remains as hidden! It is neither a one size fits-all free-for-all! (Job 28 and Colosians 2:2-5). Nor hidden in academia! This knowledge and wisdom existed before creation and has since lived-on and survived all satanic contests. In the beginning there was Word! (John 1:1). Word was this wisdom and sacred knowledge! Schools of Theology and Universities wield of no capacity to access this knowledge and wisdom! People go to these institutions to acquire and grow artificial knowledge and wisdom! No known amount of money can make-up for Jehovah's knowledge and wisdom! It rests with true prophets! Yes! You pay for it but not in cash! No! Pardon me! You do not pay for it! But you firstly fall within the spiritually correct family/clan lineages by birth! It is hereditary! Then you seed for it with good will, good hope and good faith. Jehovah-given Spiritual Diligence! Loyalty! Humility! Good listening skills both in the physical and spiritual! Discipline! Commitment! And perenial fear of Jehovah. Those who carry a genuine calling! Not fong-kong street-corner commercialised quick-buck Born-Again Fire-Fire Papal Prophets. Fong-kong man of god have taken precedence over genuine prophets of Jehovah. Institutions of governance have given a ready ear to them the quick dashing swash-buckler miracle-making mavericks dishing-out the most weird miracle money and a plethora of other highly suspicious miracles and high consultation fees and holy exorbitant lunches/diners! Cooking oil packaged in small bottles and re-named Anointed Oil! And costly anointed handkerchiefs, bath soaps, face clothes and blankets. And, of late, Doom insecticide too! The gospel of snakes has also emerged along! Congregants are fed on snakes! And treading upon congregants! Grass eating too! Broad day-light spiritual fraud! The fong-kong street corner man of god have become richer than states and so-skilled to rake into their pockets that last cent from the poor! They float in the air with fleets of jets! And yet the people of Jehovah whom they claim to be serving continue to suffocate in excruciating poverty! And yet continue to pay detrimenral fees to access the grace of god in the respective temples of doom. It remains as very interesting as to how these miracle crusaders with lots of miracle money have managed to tally their miracle-money with the respective countries official Reserve Banks statistics! Spiritual crime has crept into institutions of governance. And these spiritual fraudsters have grown into being great lenders to state institutions in various countries. Governors and state institutions have become major patrons to spiritual fraudsters, who are, in most cases, foreigners.

The spiritual fabric on the marketplace! Fraudulent commercial spirituality has, inevitably, incensed African religion and cinscience-driven rulers! Rwandan President Paul Kagame makes a most desperate move in good faith! Most desperate to bring this most aggressive Bible-believing spiritual fraud to a halt! The settler-colonialists, with the bible, looted the land and all other resources! Settler-colonialists theologists from universities looted every inch of Rwandan land and all its resources in the past! Took Rwandans into slavery with the same Bible, theological schools and universities. Brave African culture and religion was in this way most effectively destroyed! Today Africa's own breed of colonialists has emerged hiding behind the same document to enshrine poverty upon the citizens of the continent. In the west and in Africa exists a living slogan! "If you want quick wealth take The Bible and go to Africa!" In Nigeria, "Eef you woont quuckee bucckk tok thd bablu and goo done south ooo!"

President Paul Kagame justifiably reacted with righteous anger with a poorly researched devastatingly more crippling solution that would get the printing press running overtime producing the same 6 000 plus degree certificates in theology for the same spiritual fraudsters and fortune hunters as per the over 6 000 bogus churches that he closed! Demanded paper qualification as against spiritual! That approach would naturally effectively get to eliminate the indigenous illiterate leaders of religion and prophets and marginalise them in the same way as the settler-colonial system that had forced them into hiding over a very long period. The President Kagame approach would put the genuine Rwandan indigenous priests either on the run, or force them into hiding and African religion into peril! And more misery to the respective African people! These African settler-colonialists equipped at schools of theology and universities to practice laboratory knowledge of god, wield of no capacity to face prevailing African witchcraft challenges. They have neither knowledge nor wisdom nor capacity to heal African dorminant challenges such as footprint chemistry, spirit spouse, spiritual poisoning in the dream, spiritual inflicted barrenness, receipt, interpretation and delivery of prophetic communication and occurances. Cure of social invisibility, spiritual inflicted multiple ailments in the flesh, bad luck, family-scatter magic! Career stagnation! Anti-marriage omen! Remote Man-Made Lightining Strikes! Vengeful Spirits! Resentment and rejection! Scattering of blessers! Scattering of family! Spirit of hate and hurt! Spirit of death! Contrary covenants! Generational curses! Cleansing for various causes!  Communication with the spirits and deliverence among many both before and beyond the book religious activities. The respective authorities could have come-up with an effective means of vetting these men of god! Especially the foreign obvious fortune hunters who carry the motivation to neglect their own people in favour of lucrative religious foreign markets. True prophets emerge from a lineage of such spiritual authority in both families and clans. There exists no spiritual fly-by-night arrangements in African religion as was with The Israelites where The Levites were Jehovah's anointed priests! Spiritual Elders were spiritually sufficiently equipped to carry-out such spiritual vetting of these men of god. The Jewish Prophet, Jesus warned the Israelis of the pending mushrooming of false prophets! And advised believers to open their spiritual eyes enough to see and judge who would be who in the spiritual atmosphere and act wisely in defence of their own spiritualities. Surely the false prophets have come! Rwandan president Paul Kagame has come-up with a prescription that most favours them the prophets of doom! And which has great potential to throw African religion to about 2000 years back into the wilderness! The same spiritually retrogressive settler-colonial persecutions. African prophets in Rwanda would, again have to go on the run in the same manner that Jewish prophet Jesus was. African communities have been so equipped to accept and believe and teach that before the arrival of the settler-colonial communities the real God never existed in Africa.

Evangelist Reginald Thabani Gola
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Source - Reginald T. Gola
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