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Patriotic Zimbabweans in Diaspora party is born

16 Jan 2021 at 07:16hrs | Views

In line with the Zimbabwe Constitution Section 67 (1)(b), 67 (2)(b)(c) and 67(3)(a)(b) that confers Zimbabwean citizens political and electoral rights related to political membership and suffrage, the Patriotic Zimbabweans in Diaspora (PZD) party was birthed.

Hitherto, multitudes of fellow country men and women of all races were either playing peripheral roles in existing political parties or were excluded.

In spite of their obvious substantial intellectual and socioeconomic impact on the nation, they have not been allowed to have a stake in the political destiny of their motherland.

Admittedly, it is a predicament which has been self-imposed and to a great extent accepted by the dormant diaspora.

Considering the foregoing, Zimbabweans living and working abroad have awoken from their slumber and decided to end their observer status and apathetic approach towards the affairs of their country.

Led by the interim president and one of the founders, Lieutenant (Retired) Charles Muchineripi Mutama, the Patriotic Zimbabweans in Diaspora is a political party made up of Zimbabweans living in various countries across the globe.

Its mandate is to ensure that:

- Voting rights are extended to the estimated four million Zimbabweans living abroad;

- A process of radical political and economic reform is initiated by all stakeholders;

- The diaspora participates in all elections;

- Zimbabwe returns to the community of nations;

- Corruption and arrested development are comprehensively dealt with;

- All economically marginalised people at home and abroad begin to enjoy their natural wealth and, above all;

- The electoral system is overhauled to meet regional and international standards.

Since the beginning of this new year, the PZD has embarked on an intensive membership drive utilising social media, associations, and clubs in the diaspora in its effort to mobilise and build this young and unique party which is open to all Zimbabweans.

Currently, the majority of the membership is drawn from countries such as South Africa, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom and more recruitment work is being done in Australia and New Zealand.

In Zimbabwe, multimedia resources and personnel have been deployed to introduce the party to the electorate and potential members.

As part of our broader vision, the PZD party is a link between the past and the future.

There is nexus between our revolutionary political agenda and the aspirations of the past anti-colonial and anti-native coloniality leadership.

In a world where political and economic dimensions are changing rapidly, the PZD party is a dynamic Pan-Africanist organisation which will complement the role being played by progressive political parties in Zimbabwe while embracing modern concepts of democracy.

The PZD will forge alliances with indigenous parties or individuals who share a common vision of transferring power to civilian rule through any other means popular with the will of the majority.

Finally, as a party of expatriates and Zimbabweans living abroad, the PZD party will leverage its human capital, international networks and economic resource base to return Zimbabwe to the community of nations and to revive an economy in comatose.

The PZD party embraces international best practices in its governance and as such will make it its mission to cultivate that culture in the current toxic Zimbabwean body politic.


Charles Muchineripi Mutama

Source - chroncile
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