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Open letter to Sofa Hospital Bulawayo - Customer complaint

14 Sep 2020 at 08:16hrs | Views
I bought a set of Sofas about 3 months ago from one of their shops in town.

We hardly use the sofas at home as we still use an old set. However about 5 days ago we then noticed on coming back from work that one of the armrests had collapsed.

On enquiring we were told that our daughter who is less than 3 years old and his brother 5 years old were playing there .

I went to sofa hospital workshop on Saturday and made a report. I was appalled by their response.

Before they even inspected their product (which was at home) they pointed fingers at us, particularly my wife! I was told that I was lying.

I found this very strange and very unprofessional for an organisation which claims to produce high quality products. When we bought the sofas we were told they carry a 2 year guarantee. Yesterday I was being told the warranty is just for the sitting part only.

I wonder how many more customers have been duped like this. I was then told I could bring the sofa to their workshop and pay for the repairs needed. My question is if the collapse was due to poor workmanship ( which of course has not been proved because no inspection has been done) , why would a customer be asked to foot the bill?

The old set of sofas I have never had armrests collapsing but have taken more than enough share of children jumping on them.

While I do not rule out the children could have been playing on the sofas my query is how an organisation can without even inspecting their product conclude that it's the customer's fault?

In other words they are saying all their products are produced to 100% without defects. Is this practically realistic?

We know even the best car manufacturers will once in a while call for recalls. This was just very poor of Sofa hospital in handling a customer complaint. The arrogance displayed left a lot to be desired.

The moment I introduced my purpose of visit they went into a defensive shell and I could tell it was a waste of time talking to them.

Source - Disgruntled customer
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