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Open letter to Mnangagwa and all politburo members

08 Sep 2020 at 06:44hrs | Views
Mashonaland Central is burning and if left unchecked the situation will result in catastrophic political losses for ZANU PF. Several concerned party members have written letters, some have sought audience with relevant party authorities, others have followed correct procedures to air their views and concerns but all have fallen on deaf ears. Mashonaland Central is a key province towards ZANU PF 2023 election victory the politburo can longer ignore the cries from Mashonaland Central.

ZANU PF Mashonaland Central is burning and the current provincial executive is inexperienced to put out the fire.

The Kazembe Kazembe executive was given the task of uniting the party and has failed dismally at this complex task. People on the ground are saying Saviour Kasukuwere and Dickson Mafios were better than the current Mashonaland Central leadership.

In 2013 ZANU PF secured a total of 335 895 votes from a total 568 600 registered voters under the Webster Shamu Commisariat.

Saviour Kasukuwere and Dickson Mafios worked hard to ensure that the party had more registered voters and it was their hardwork and effort which saw Mash Central increase its votes to 366 785 in 2018 up from 335 895.

However, the Kazembe Kazembe leadership is squandering these numbers and failing to mobilise people for party programs. The turnout at grassroot meetings has been pathetic.

The Kazembe executive's failure to mobilise supporters had resulted in President Emmerson Mnangagwa dumping at the last- minute two important events, a "Thank You Rally" in Bindura in February and the highly-anticipated smart agriculture conference, where he was supposed to officiate in May. We are embarrassed as a province and call upon your office to intervene immediately.

Kazembe Kazembe promised a bloodbath against those who challenged him for the Provincial Chairmanship. He has started making overtures against James Makamba with a motion to expel James Makamba being mooted for a Mashonaland Central PCC meeting. The first attempt to expel Makamba was quashed by the late Air Marshall Perence Shiri.

Kazembe Kazembe and his executive have alienated war Veterans such as Sam Parirenyatwa, preferring a splinter group and imposing them on war Veterans as leaders of the newly formed war vets league.

Politburo Members Douglas Mahiya and Victor Matemadanda are compromised and should recuse themselves from the Mashonaland Central restructuring discussions.

Mashonaland Central has many seasoned comrades such as Kenneth Musanhi, Munyaradzi Machacha, Dinha, Goche, Chen Chimutengendwe, Brigadier Shungu, Effinos Mudzimunyi, Tsitsi Gezi, Claudius Mswaka and many more. It is sad that season Veterans who have been in the party for years are chaired by a chairman who only joined ZANU PF in 2012.

The politburo needs to intervene urgently and ensure a restructuring exercise is carried out transparently to resolve the underlying issues in the province.

If the people want Kazembe Kazembe let them choose him transparently, but in all honesty Kazembe Kazembe is not wanted in Mashonaland Central. His own constituency is complaining that he has never held a gathering ever since the 2018 elections.

Something has to be done before the Annual People's Conference.

The ZANU PF Politburo needs to send a team on a fact finding mission in Mashonaland Central and consult the people before making a decision on Mashonaland Central. The team also needs to consult the people on what the party should do about Saviour Kasukuwere and Dickson Mafios. Party members at grassroot level have a voice which needs to be heard by the Politburo, unfortunately those meant to transmit the people's voices and views are serving their own personal agendas.

Source - S. Utete
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