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Letter to the nation of Zimbabwe

15 Aug 2020 at 09:01hrs | Views
Pamusoroi Dzimbabwe

There are people to whom Zimbabwe is ok as it is. Kwavari yakatonaka . This situation that the majority of us call a crisis, to them is their opportunity to make money, to steal, and to loot.

They are opposed to change, especially the kind of change that threatens their hegemony, and their hold on the country.

These are the people who wield the real power in Zimbabwe, the people to whom the country's politicians are beholden.

It is also a sad reality that we can not escape, that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has failed to extricate the country from the grip of these heartless individuals and organizations, probably because the reality of it all is even bigger than him. So he has very little room to manoeuvre. Or he is also implicated in this looting and stealing, or he is simply captured.

Whatever the case, the results of his failure are there for all to see; we are going downhill very fast and with no brakes.

So what does the country need to do to free itself from vice whose jaws these people have put us into?

From the look of things, we are in very big trouble. Our take on the situation could be exaggerated of course, but should we be correct, then only a revolution can free Zimbabwe from this vice grip.

The opposition in Zimbabwe has no capacity to carry out such a revolution, neither are they built to carry out one.

What the nation needs is one more option, or a variety of other options, options that will equip us to either arm-twist the system to institute the changes that need to be made, or sweep the entire system away completely, and prosecute those responsible for our suffering and install a new political dispensation that is not only willing to serve the people of Zimbabwe but is overwhelmingly zealous to do so.

As our people cry for relief, the need to launch this revolution now, today, has never been more urgent.

It is important to stress however, that this revolution cannot be executed on the basis of the hatred that we feel for ZANU PF for the damage and carnage that have brought on our lives.

This is simply because the politics of hatred and enmity is what brought us into this mess in the first place, and therefore there is no point to be served by joining this bandwagon of hatred.

So as we launch the revolution, we should do it on the premise of a vision, a vision of a new Zimbabwe that we intent to create ,the nature of which we should sit down and carefully envision.

It is in pursuit of this vision, and the dream that there can and must be a better Zimbabwe, where we are all free, where we can feed our families and send our children to school, it is in pursuit of this vision that the NATIONAL LIBERATION FRONT launches this struggle.

This is not simply a liberation struggle, as in liberating ourselves from whatever and whoever is holding us captive. It is a massive campaign to build a new reality for our people, for ourselves, a campaign to be executed by citizens who are ready and willing to lay it all on the line until a new Zimbabwe is born.

On behalf of my president, the National Liberation Front, and all the people of Zimbabwe who are dying for a new Zimbabwe, happier and more prosperous, I declare in your presence DZIMBABWE ; the struggle has begun !




Source - Shungudzaishe Julius Machingura
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