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Open Letter to Mnangagwa, MPs, Army...

19 Jul 2020 at 07:17hrs | Views

PRESIDENT, Speaker of Parliament, Chief Justice, Ministers, Members of Parliament, Chiefs, Army and Police.

Greetings fellow Zimbabweans, hope I find you in good health. I wish to share with you this letter regarding the 31st July 2020 demonstration.

This letter serves to inform the above mentioned recipients  that all progressive Zimbabweans in the country and around the globe are ready to express their displeasure on the deterioration of service delivery, dearth of democracy, police brutality , abductions intimidation and torturing members of the opposition.

According to country's statute law, citizens have a right to demonstrate peacefully to express their grievances in whatever way deemed possible without fear of the police and the army pumping live bullets to them.

Of course the destruction of property is not tolerated, welcomed and is condemned with the strongest term it deserves.

Let's hope this letter serves and reaches you in great peace and harmony. It shall be used as evidence to whoever will use brutal force on the civilians.

The people of Zimbabwean are fed up with the current government of Zanu PF which has brought untold suffering to the majority of Zimbabweans who are living under abject poverty being caused by greedy politicians and corrupt leadership.

Every citizen of this country is very much aware of the current political , economic and social situation bedevelling the nation.

Corruption scandals in various government insitutions have continued unabated and have become the epicentre of gross mismanagement of public funds meant for development or  other issues. Tenders are fraudulently awarded and given without going through proper bidding.

Bogus policies for example Command Agriculture was another money siphoning agricultural policy enacted by the government where about $3 billion was stolen.

That is the reason why people are very angry with the government and want to demonstrate and take 31July 2020 seriously. The whole system is rotten and stinking in the corridor.

This system needs to be stopped and the people must start breathing fresh air. The brevity of Zimbabweans wiĺl only change this political mess. The people cannot be cowards forever and moreover the country does not belong to just a few individuals wielding political muscles.

The people are still wondering why they had that November 2017 Coup. Who were exactly the criminals surrounding the late Robert Mugabe?

Zimbabweans have been subjected to political torture. What the people are demanding is simple
good governance, access to health care, clean water, good infrastructure, affordable basic commodities and jobs.

A peoples' government must always put people first and stop this entitlement attitude and serve a few of their cronies.

A peoples' government is always pro-poor, not to sanitize corruption like what we are experiencing right now. We have seen lack of seriousness on the part of the government which has created vague statute laws for purposes of legitimising looting of public funds on a large scale.

That is why we have this catch and release policy by this government. The network, cartel is well organised, well oiled and greased from pastors, church leaders, judiciary you name them.

They have been looting throughout since 1980. If people's power do not stop them they will continue bleeding our beautiful nation.


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Source - Leonard Koni
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