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Avenues Clinic to covid-19 test all elective admissions after 'significant increase in cases' - how many?

03 Jul 2020 at 07:23hrs | Views
Dear Medical Director, The Avenues Clinic

I direct your attention your letter of 01 July 2020 below.

"TO: All Specialists, Casualty Officers, Matrons
From: Medical Director
Date: 01 July 2020

Subject: Admission of patients to Avenues Clinic

In view of the significant increase in the number of people testing positive for covid-19 in the country, Management has decided that all elective admission to the Avenues Clinic should have a negative PCR covid-19 test.
Emergency cases should have at least an RDT done. This will minimize the exposure of both health care workers and patients to infection.
Thank you."

First of all, I must thank you and your staff for this initiative which, one hopes, will be copied by all our other clinics and hospitals across the land. There is no doubt that procedure will certainly help minimize the spread of the virus.

There is growing evidence to suggest that corona virus is spreading in the country far more widely than the Ministry of Health and Child Care reports would suggest.

The last week of May, Mpilo Hospital reported of four people had tested positive to covid-19, a nurse, one outpatient and two in patients. There was no evidence in the Ministry of Health reports around the time to suggest the four cases were included in the national statistics. When the Acting CEO was asked on the matter, he was evasive.
"We do have new (covid-19) cases at the hospital and the figures have changed but am not at liberty to disclose anything at the moment," said Mpilo Central Hospital Clinical Director and Acting CEO Dr Solwayo Ngwenya.

"All I can say is that the behavour of people in the city is worrying. It is as if all is normal. If you look at the human and vehicular traffic on our streets, you will be shocked."

I would like to ask The Avenues Clinic the following questions:

1)    How many Avenues Clinic health care workers, patients, outpatients, etc. have tested covid-19 positive since the outbreak?

2)    How many people have died at the Clinic and had tested covid-19 positive?

3)    Has The Avenues Clinic tested for corona virus all suspected showing covid-19 symptoms?

4)    Has The Avenue Clinic informed the Ministry of Health of all covid-19 positive cases and deaths above?

5)    Has the Clinic informed the covid-19 positive patients of their status, especially those the Clinic was refused to admit because of their covid-19 positive status?  

6)    What measures have The Avenues Clinic put into place to protect ambulance staff from covid-19 infection?

I sincerely hope The Avenues Clinic will answer all these questions in the spirit they have been asked, to help stop the spread of the corona virus save Zimbabwean lives. History will never forgive any of us who helped the spread of this deadly virus by deliberately keeping the people ignorant of the spreading virus. Ignorance kills, help save lives by telling the nation the truth.

Thank you very much!

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