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Anselem Sanyatwe and Owen Ncube are slapped by US sanctions

12 Mar 2020 at 10:40hrs | Views
Dear Editor,

The warlords in power are complaining about being held accountable for their despicable acts of state-sponsored terrorism against defenceless Zimbabweans. It's amazing how they do not see any wrongdoing in killing citizens and have the audacity to call their crimes "allegations of human rights abuses and political repression", it is a reality, not allegations, people have been terrorised, harassed, tortured, abducted and women raped by the state militias at the behest of General Anslem Sanyatwe and his superiors, so they deserve every ounce of sanctions bestowed upon them.

 Maybe it is time the US added General Sibusiso Moyo and the rest of the ZANU PF cabal to the sanctions list as well as impose travel bans on the whole lot. Zimbabweans deserve better, human rights protection and a dignified way of life. The purpose of the army is to protect the country from its enemies, not brutalising its own citizens and branding them enemies of the state.

On the other note, Who holds a competition and a winning prize for the first body to be placed in the said: "state of the art mortuary" Mnangagwa supposedly built? His obsession with death and taking pleasure in other people's pain and suffering is not surprising, knowing his past. Who takes pride in opening mortuaries while destroying the public healthcare infrastructure? This begs the question into his mental fitness to be in the office that he holds.

Human Rights Activist
Bigboy Sibanda

Source - Bigboy Sibanda
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