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Polad a platform for failures, says Makamba Busha

20 Apr 2020 at 08:46hrs | Views
ONE of the 2018 presidential election candidates, Joseph Makamba Busha (JMB) believes the Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) platform convened by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to bring together leaders of fringe opposition parties to resolve the country's political logjam is a step backwards for Zimbabwe.

Busha recently sat down with NewsDay (ND) Midlands reporter Brenna Matendere to discuss this and other issues.
ND: Who is Joseph Makamba Busha?
JMB: Joseph Busha is a child of the African democratic revolution, committed servant leader of FREEZIM Congress (party).

ND: Zimbabwe on Saturday celebrated 40 years of independence. What significance does this have to you?
JMB: The significance is that we won the first battle, that of obtaining territorial independence. And I thank those who led the Chimurenga wars and those who were on the frontline. My role is to complete the other two battles — economic and socio-political independence. If I can lead the economic and socio-political battle, then the war for self-determination is complete.

ND: Are you satisfied with progress that has been achieved since we attained independence?
JMB: No, I am not satisfied with what has been achieved. We are taking too long to completely win the war for independence. We cannot totally blame those in government now, the job of managing the country is too big for them. They don't
have the prerequisite skills and political will to take the country forward. They had their contributions, now they must pass on the baton for the race for total freedom.

ND: What do you think should have been done differently in terms of governance and policy formulation in the past 40 years?
JMB: -Domestic policy should have centered on our way of life and traditions as Zimbabweans
Decided on our competitive advantage and build the economy around that.
Throw away nepotism and partisan politics in favour of meritocracy.

ND: As a leader of an opposition party, what's your vision for the country?
JMB: My vision for Zimbabwe is to make it the breadbasket of Africa again, Leader in clean and renewable energy and centre for African (research and development) R&D economic and social progress

ND: The economy is on a downward spiral and most Zimbabweans are wallowing in poverty, what solutions can you proffer?
JMB: The solution is to start a new industrial revolution based on our strength — which is renewable energy, agriculture, mining and knowledge economy.

ND: You have turned down the invitation to join the Political Actors Dialogue, how else do you expect the country's political leadership both ruling and in opposition to convene and discuss the country's problems?
JMB: Polad is a useless platform for failures, not strategic thinkers. Zanu-PF is bereft of ideas and they can't be the leaders of any progressive process.

ND: The country has been under lockdown for the past three weeks as a measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Do you think the President should allow people to return to work and do business as usual since the 21 days have elapsed?
JMB: The COVID-19 lockdown must be eased on a phased basis. We must manage ports of entry into the country, and be alert.

ND: Do you think the government's response to the COVID-19 was adequate?
JMB: That's the best government could do under the circumstances. We support 100%.

ND: What could you have done differently?
JMB: Make sure health professionals are fully equipped

ND: Are you participating in the 2023 harmonised elections? If yes, what do you propose must be done so that we do not have a contested outcome like we did in 2018 and previous other elections?
JMB: Yes, I am contesting and am the best hope for Zimbabwe. The political landscape must be levelled.

ND: Are you satisfied with the government's efforts to re-engage the international community especially the Western world? What should be done?
JMB: No, they don't have any official that can be trusted and build confidence on the future of Zimbabwe .

ND: Lastly, you are involved in an initiative to promote peace and unity on the African continent through the JMBusha54, tell us more about it?
JMB: Without peace, there is no economic and social development. Peace precedes everything. I want a peaceful world. I am the messenger of Peace.

Source - newsday
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