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From the bleeding heart of a Zimbabwean

31 Oct 2016 at 06:50hrs | Views

The scale of corruption by the most powerful and connected in Zimbabwe has reached a crisis point. Of course corruption happens in every country and in every culture but this level of corruption as we see in Zimbabwe is unprecedented in human. It is a free for all especially those connected to the evil ZanuPf regime. ZanuPf survives on corruption and others dastardly deeds.

With the political opposition parties so infantile in their response to pertinent issues of life in death in our country , we are doomed as a nation. All the hallmarks of a failed state are glaring there for all to see.

Surely , how can it be right that hospital have run out of life saving drugs and day after day the political elite continue as normal, ignoring the tears and grief of the ordinary people across the length and breath of the country who have lost their loved ones needlessly.

How can it be right that so many children go hungry everyday when the dogs of the rich and elite have better quality of life than the poorest of society? How can it be right that the continued subjugation of one tribe by another, with horrific consequences goes on unabated? How can it be right that a government has turn against it's own people basically abdicating its responsibility to protect & provide for its citizens? Why on earth will a government of the people impose fake money on its citizens, unless of course the very same government is a fake government ? Zimbabwe is bleeding to death , the tears of pain stream down from the hearts of all Zimbabweans with a soul and a flesh. Needless to say that our politicians have no soul, no flesh because they all behave like blood thirsty creatures from a different planet.

How can they not see the suffering of their own people. Some of us have lost dearest and loved ones who brought us to this planet - needless loss of life due to the actions of a government which cares less for the majority but more for the few. Bonobos look after their own better than the government of Zimbabwe looks after its own people. As I am writing this, somewhere in Zimbabwe someone's beautiful child has died, someone beautiful brother  has died, someone's beautiful sister has died, someone's beautiful mother has died, someone's beautiful father has died - all could have been saved , if Zimbabwe had a functioning and caring government, sadly Zimbabwe has no functioning government but a bunch of criminals oblivious of what is happening in their own country.

I hold this government responsible for the death of my beloved mother who was failed by a country she called her own ,a country she loved and gave all of her worth . The time for sitting on the fence and pretend that all is alright in our country is over , otherwise we are all culpable & complicit in the destruction of our country . Love Zimbabwe ? Prove it !

Sipho Phani Sibanda is an ordinary Zimbabwean who feels obligated to share his disgust about the state of affairs in Zimbabwe.He can be contacted by email on

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Source - Sipho Phani Sibanda
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