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Have A Dose Of Motivation: Hidden ADVANTAGE In ADVERSITY

28 Jul 2016 at 08:11hrs | Views
Award winning motivational speaker and inspirational author Mthokozisi Gwizi
(Warning: The following message may change your life).

My passion for writing began when I was still at school. I did not dream of becoming a writer by then, I just loved playing around with proverbs, idioms and rhyming words when writing compositions and poems. At United College Of Education my burning desire to write and inspire lives became intense. I would wake up early before other student teachers were up, write motivational quotes and stick them on the dinning hall notice board for others to read when coming for their breakfast. After teaching for a little while in Lupane District I relocated to South Africa seeking "greener pastures."

Lesson 1: There is a hidden ADVANTAGE in every ADVERSITY.

In South Africa, unemployment and a lot of challenges greeted me with open arms. I found some consolation job as a security guard (not my dream job); however I was excited with this job opportunity as I desperately needed something to help me put food on the table. It was during my night shifts that I started writing my first book, 'Against All Odds: It Can Still Be Done'. When others complained that working night shift was strenuous and stressful, I saw a perfect opportunity to write my book.
The Setback!

After writing my book, I was excited, ready to publish it, little did I know other adversity which was awaiting me. I finished writing the book and I had saved some money for the publication of the book; thus I contacted those responsible for printing the copies of my book. Only God knows what happened between my place (home) and the bank where I was meant to deposit the cash. Somehow along the way I discovered that all my savings for finally publishing the book were gone, all the money I was carrying was nowhere to be found. Until now I don't have an answer of whether I dropped it, someone stole it along the way or whatever the reason might have been, the only thing I am certain of is that the devil launched a counter attack to frustrate my dreams. It was a very painful experience. I sat on my bed at home and wept bitterly that day. I asked God 'Why?' Judges 6: 13, Gideon replied, "But if the Lord is with us, why has all these things happened to us?" Well, you will find out why at the end of this article.
Lesson 2: Dig Another Well!

I know for certain that most people give up on their dreams when these setbacks start showing up. The question I have is 'Why do people give-up on their dreams and allow the devil to throw a celebration party? Does the devil really deserve such favour from us? Does he deserve all this happiness we are giving him by allowing him to stop us from what a God has prepared for us?' I sincerely hope that you are not one of those who is putting a big smile on the enemy's face. Stop It! Genesis 26:21 When Issac dug a well, the Philistines came to cause confusion, he didn't give up, he went on to dig another well. The Philistines followed him again and contended against him, but he didn't give up, he went forward and dug another well, until they gave up. Don't be intimidated by the Philistines, dig another well! Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb said to his critics, 'I have not failed, I have found 10000 ways which don't work'. Micheal Jordan, the world's greatest basketball player of all time said, "I have missed 9000 shots in my career. I have lost 300 games, 26 times I have been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I failed over and over again, that is why I succeed." And you are telling me that you want to give up after just one or two failed  attempts? Please get more serious with your life and purpose. Dig another well!
Lesson  3: Divine Connections

Divide connections are real. God will send the right people (not the ones you are trying to force yourself in their life), who will help you in your journey. A man called Babs Balogun who was (and is) my facebook friend sent me some money all the way from the Qatar in the Middle East, saying it's for helping me print my books. We don't know each other, he just requested to be my facebook friend after seeing my inspirational facebook posts from his friend, Precious. My bible-centered book 'Against All Odds: It Can Still Be Done was finally published, against all odds. There is God's provision for every vision.
Lesson 4: He Lifts The Needy From Ash Heap

The book opened countless doors for me. It became a great C.V.  Finally I understood why the devil was fighting it's release to bad. I got invites from four radio stations and wrote inspirational articles for at least ten newspapers and magazines. I published a Braille book for blind learners, published an inspirational book entitled 'Duck-Tility: Strategies for Being Highly Effective' and started my motivational talk tours around the country.  This security guard also became a nominee for Professional Of The Year Award in Zimbabwe Achievers Awards ( in 2015 (an award for the most outstanding Zimbabwean professional based in South Africa). Well, the list is endless, this is a small portion of what the Lord has done in my life. I know He is not yet done with me. He did it for me, He will take you out of your current situation.
Lesson 5: He Won't Stop Them From Throwing You In The Fire

'Why God?', you may be asking. He won't stop them from throwing you into the fire, if you don't believe me ask Shadreck and Misheck. He won't stop them from throwing you into the den of lions, if you think I am exaggerating, ask Daniel. He won't stop them from throwing into prison, confirm with Joseph; nevertheless I can assure you one thing, if you stick with God, He will come up with some pleasant surprises.
Stay blessed. Meet you at the top.

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Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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