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A Dose Of Motivation From The Motivator: Swim In Icy Cold Water

18 Jul 2016 at 00:28hrs | Views
Ever wondered how a duck can swim in icy cold water, even when the weather is freezing? Ducks have no nerves or blood vessels in their feet. Hence, they never feel hot or cold.

It is interesting to note that ducks continue to excel in swimming in the midst of dreaded icy water. The key to excel in your given field is to take learn the art of taking advantage of your adversity. What can be colder than icy water? Most people know that it's crucial to turn lemons into lemonade, yet very few of us are actually willing to learn the recipe of making that desired lemonade from that bitter lemon.
It's one thing to eloquently talk about the noble idea of producing lemonade from the bitter lemons but it's a different thing to actually collect all the lemons (hard times) that life throws at you and turn them into a wonderful ice-cold lemonade. Mastering the art of swimming in icy cold water like ducks means toughening your nerves to have the ability to swim in icy situations which freeze the progress of average birds in your field. The stuff that buries dreams of average men is usually the fertilizer and manure that champions need to accelerate the growth of their dreams. Master the art of turning adversities into advantages.

Train your mind to see opportunities in challenges. Whenever an unfavorable situation arises, ask yourself, what can learn from this challenge, how can I make this work for my own good. If you search long enough into any adversity, you will find a hidden advantage. Train your mind to have this kind of response until it becomes its subconscious or automatic response to challenges.

A Tough Mother Duckling Is For Your Advantage

The duck stretches her young one immediately after birth, leading the duckling to walk over a half-mile distance soon after it has been hatched.

That's a grueling exercise, with a fantastic outcome! Some of us are too comfortable; we need a tough mother duck to shake us up a little bit and drag us for over a half-a-mile from our nest. Did you hear about a young man who didn't know that he was talented in high jump until one day when he surprised himself by jumping over a high fence when a scary dog pursued him? Sometimes pressure forces us to take action and finally rise up to our potential. But why wait for circumstances to squeeze the very best out of you when you have a choice to step into your dreams without the pain of external pressure?

You need to appreciate those who don't handle you with golden gloves, those who expect you to walk immediately. They have your best interest at heart. If you are one of those who want to wait a little longer to start that project but you have a tough mother hen (boss/leader) who is pushy and expects things to be done yesterday, then blessed are you. Use tough situations for your advantage. Use the icy cold water for successfully skating forward.  Adversities have advantages.

An extract from Gwizi's Inspirational Book: 'DuckTility: Strategies Of Being Highly Effective'  
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Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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