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Against all odds: It can still be done

10 Jul 2016 at 19:30hrs | Views
There is an interesting fictional but inspiring and educative story about a resilient donkey which refused to be buried alive. The donkey fell into a deep pit. Some villagers failed to come up with a rescue plan to deliver the poor donkey out of this pit. Finally the villagers gave up all hope of any possibility of the rescue plan save the donkey. The villagers then decided than it was better to bury this donkey inside the pit by shoveling some soil on top of it. An elderly man said, ‘'There is no way that the donkey can ever be rescued from this deep pit, lets heap some soil on top of it so that it may die quickly. If we bury this donkey alive it will quickly die and not suffer for too long. But if we leave it in this pit it will die slowly and suffer for a long time due to hunger.''‖.

All the villagers welcomed the elder's proposal. Instant death through suffocation under a heap of soil was better than the slow painful death process through hunger. The villagers immediately went to their respective homes to collect shovels, spades and buckets. It was time to bury alive the hopeless poor donkey. Or was it? The villagers began shoveling the soil onto the donkey to bury it. The donkey felt some large amount of soil hitting its back. The donkey then quickly woke up and shook the soil from its back onto the ground beneath it. The villagers heaped more soil onto the hopeless donkey. The donkey shook the soil from its back down to the ground and stepped on it. The villagers threw some more soil onto the donkey but the donkey shook off the soil from its back down to the ground below it and climbed onto it. The villagers kept shoveling the soil to the donkey's back to bury it, but the donkey kept climbing on that soil.

The donkey climbing higher and higher taking advantage of the very soil which was meant to bury it. The very soil meant to bury you, shall lift you up. Romans 8:28 And we know that in ALL THINGS God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. You cannot be denied. Shake that soil off your back, climb higher. It can still be done. You cannot be buried, you were endowed with the power to rule and dominate your circumstances. Arise above that soil, climb over it! Against All Odds: It Can Still Be Done. We won‘t go home anytime soon, until you win that trophy. Arise above the soil of your past, the soil of your limited resources, the soil of disappointment, the soil of setbacks, soil of criticism, doubt and fear! The dirty soil heaped upon you shall became the essential fertilizer and manure to accelerate the growth of your dreams. ARISE!


Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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