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A Dose Of Motivation From The Motivator - Vanity Of Vanities Says The Motivator

06 Jul 2016 at 01:03hrs | Views
Vanity of vanities says the motivator, this is vanity of vanities and chasing after wind. There is an evil I have seen under the sun amongst the sons of men. The universe has never witnessed a calamity as great as that of people who steal from themselves…people who are convinced that they will never reach certain heights not because of who they are, but because of who they think they are not…people who magnify what they are not able to do to an extent that they lose sight of what they are capable to do…people who are so caught up on their failures of yesterday, to an extent that they cannot see the possibilities of today.

Will they ever be a great calamity than that of people who heard the voice of greatness calling them within their hearts but they were afraid to answer? Oh vanity of vanities cries The Motivator. Don't steal from yourself. Get out of your way! There are better days ahead.
A million dollar question by Robin Sharma;- Why Not You?

'Someone will do something fresh, new and brave today…why not you? Someone will turn pain into power, fear into fortune and confusion into clarity…why not you? Someone will be recognized for their mastery, celebrated for their acumen and praised for their excellence…why not you? Someone will forge a new start, install a new habit and build a better routine…why not you? Someone will get the sales, finish the book or close the deal…why not you? Someone will show uncommon kindness to a stranger, be a giver not a taker and leave people better than they found them…why not you?

Someone will reconnect with their purpose, release excuses, shatter doubts and break free of chains…why not you?  Yes…why not you? Let's be honest…you were born into genius. You have been build to amaze and designed to make history. The question is not can you? Nope it's, "will you? The potential you don't express today turns into pains of tomorrow; and nothing shatters a human heart than stifling the gifts you carry within you. But for a fortunate few…those with the courage and conviction to step out of the pack, stray from the herd and claim the rewards that were theirs from the beginning. Average has no place in their lives. They set themselves miles apart from the people in their fields.'

Vanity of vanities cries The Motivator. When will people stop stealing from themselves; people who are built to amaze and designed to make history choosing to depart from this world without leaving any sign that they ever existed. Kick your excuses goodbye, WHY NOT YOU? The painful truth is that every time they say, "Happy birthday", you are actually moving away from your birthday, and drawing closer to your death day. What impact are you making in yiur community?  

An Extract From Gwizi's inspirational book, 'Duck-Tility Strategies Of Being Highly Effective'

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Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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