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Americans are shameless, Cdes

by CZ
12 Nov 2015 at 09:05hrs | Views
Dear Cabinet and Politburo members

COMRADES, you can now all see that these Americans have no shame at all. After trying everything in the book to make me appear like a very bad leader without succeeding, they have resorted to creating friction between us and some of our African brothers and sisters to the extent of uplifting some zany comments, whole and raw, from some spoof websites and attributing them to me.

For the benefit of those members of our party who might have missed this because they are seized with the party's smooth restructuring exercise that our western funded so-called private media choose to see as factionalism, at the weekend the New York Times, one of the American newspapers that for years have been leading a hate campaign against myself and our country, went a step further as to hire some goons to write some mischief on a Kenyan site that is funded by the American government. Then the New York Times, through a Central Intelligence Agency operative, one "gentleman" by the name Jeffrey Gentleman, who masquerades as the "newspaper's" East African correspondent, went on to pick up the comments for reproduction in its pages, taking full advantage of the fact that in the event that the truth comes out, they could still hide behind the lame claim that they did not know the site published fake stories.

In the spoof story, published under the headline "Robert Mugabe - God should never have created those thieves (Kenyans) here in Africa", I - the African Union chairman of all people - was quoted as saying: "…those people of East Africa shock me with their wizardry in stealing. You can even think that there is a subject in their universities called Bachelor of Stealing."

The "story" went on to claim that I warned my countrymen to be on "high alert" in case they visited Kenya because "they might infect you with that disease".

The American-run site went on to claim that I had said: "Sometimes I tend to believe that stealing is in every Kenyan's blood."

Bloody, shameless lies! Can you even imagine someone like me saying such uncharitable things about my fellow Africans?

I agree with Cde George when he rightly concluded that: "Mr Gentleman is very blunderous, if not an outright racist who should never be entertained on the African continent. By his conduct, it's a shameful anomaly that a great paper like the NYT finds the boldness to make him a bureau chief."

Yes, it is true that in the past I have said that Australians have criminal blood running in their veins, so it is not surprising at all when sometimes they behave like criminals. Is it not a fact that Australians are descendants of British criminals that were banished to that former penal colony? I also rightly said former British Prime Minister, the little Tony Blair, was a gay gangster and also that former British Foreign Secretary, Peter Hain, was Peter Tatchell's wife who had conspired with his husband to try and embarrass me when the latter tried to effect a "citizen arrest" on me. In all these cases, I was only stating the facts just like saying Jesus Christ is the Son of God or that the third day of the week is Tuesday, which is why in all the cases no one could challenge me.

Well, if this was a genuine mistake and they were sincerely sorry about it, then this so-called Gentleman chap should be shown the exit door. There is no dangerous incompetence worse than visiting a spoof website, uplift material from there and later claim ignorance that the site in question publishes false "news". That type of a journalist is a danger to the whole profession and therefore has to be dismissed pronto, that is if he does not have the dignity to resign on his own. I can see that the chap tried to defend his mischief by claiming that the Kenyan government had confirmed that corruption was rampant in that country, but still that does not make those comments attributed to me any truthful, does it?

Remember last time these Americans and their British cousins played the same dirty trick on me when they unleashed that woman "journalist" on me while I was in Nigeria attending the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari. After realising how thoroughly they had embarrassed themselves, they paid the woman a lot of money and she made a show of resigning, when in fact she had never been a journalist in the first place.

This time around, they knew I was going to be in East Africa for the inauguration of Tanzania's new leader, and they created this in the hope of causing a rift between myself and my East African brothers.

Suppose it was indeed true that this Gentleman chap had serious misgivings about the veracity of the comments that he was going to attribute to me, even a journalist who was trained at a bush school would know the basics… that a journalist does not seek clarification well after your "story" had already been published. That has never been heard of.

When our government bars or expels such type of journalists there are deafening noises the world over.

After this incident, I am yet to see just one statement issued by any of the local journalists bodies, let alone the regional and international ones, condemning the unforgivable behaviour of this chap. Obviously they cannot do it because the same Americans fund them all.

Last week, these journalist outfits queued up to roundly condemn the arrests of some local journalists that had published falsehoods. Yet they remain mum when one of them publishes worse falsehoods so shamelessly.

This incident only serves to remind all of us to always walk with our backs firmly to the wall and sleep with one eye wide open. These imperialists will never tire in their efforts to effect an illegal regime change in this country. This is something that you should all be keenly aware of.

Last but not least, I notice that many of our people have been following the watershed election in the South East Asian nation of Myanmar - that has been roundly praised by the West as a model election - with a lot of  envy. I also share in that envy. First and foremost, the laws of that country barred that sell-out woman called Aung San Suu Kyi - the equivalent of our own Morgan here - from running for Presidency because she is a puppet of the West.

Then most importantly, the constitution of Myanmar - formerly Burma - reserves 20 percent of the seats in Parliament for the military… I would not mind if we were to have constitutional amendments to give our war veterans such a quota.

It is up to you Cdes Chris and Tshinga. Shouldn't you seriously consider mobilising your membership to demand something similar?

Kindest Regards
Yours Sincerely


Last week police swooped on Zimpapers, arresting an editor and two reporters for publishing "falsehoods" after the weekly published a story linking senior police officers to a racket that is behind elephant poaching in the Hwange National Park.

Shortly afterwards, the same police arrested another journalist from the same State media on allegations of soliciting a bribe while investigating "incriminating" evidence linking one Harare businessman to former vice president's movement, the People First. Dear Reader, be kind as not to ask what is remotely criminal at all about a businessman deciding to align himself to a political movement in a country for which tens of thousands of people paid the ultimate sacrifice to bring about democracy. Unless someone is guilty of criminal dereliction of duty as to forget to tell us that People First is a terrorist organisation similar to Nigeria's notorious Boko Haram, so that we should try to understand where the so-called incriminating links that the journo was allegedly investigating were coming from.

The journalists were thrown into police cells and appeared in court in leg shackles, as a warning to all that "committing" journalism is indeed a serious crime in Zimbabwe. This naturally caused an outcry in the media and human rights community.

Of all people in Zimbabwe, Luke Tamborinyoka, the spokesman of opposition MDC-T leader and former Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai -himself not just a journalist but also a former secretary general of the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) - decided to take his own position. He took it to the social media to rejoice at the arrest of the State media journalists.

MDC-T leader and former Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai

"Chickens coming home to roost. They used to write glowingly when police were arresting others. Now the shoe is on the other foot… kikiki," Tamborinyoka ended his gloating with a cruel laughter.

Dr CZ has never regretted the decision he was part of in 2003… the decision by ZUJ to unceremoniously remove Tamborinyoka from the post of ZUJ secretary-general when it became obvious that the brother had become a real danger to the profession - worse than the Access to Information and the Protection of Privacy Act  and Public Order and Security Actrolled into one. His type of leadership was worse than having no leadership at all. With this type of leadership, who needed leadership in the first place? At least Tamborinyoka is being gentleman enough to show his true colours, which is what democracy is all about. Thankfully some things are getting more and more clearer. We can all understand why Tsvangirai behaves the way he does… it's the type of hangers-on he keeps!

This week, we were told that the Zanu-PF fundraising dinner held at the weekend was over-subscribed.

As has become part for the course, the tables that were going for between US$100 000 and US$10 000 were all snapped in no time and additional tables had to be ordered. We have no reason whatsoever to doubt the sincerity of the so-called well wishers even when actualities on the ground are pointing to the fact that the culture of forced generosity is flourishing in this country as individuals and corporates fear the backlash of being seen as belonging to the "wrong" side of history.

With these dizzying levels of generosity, Dr CZ is tempted to organise his own fund-raising dinner!

Source - CZ
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