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Isifo kasihlekwa

20 Oct 2021 at 18:36hrs | Views
It is mind-boggling to see ZANU PF information secretary Tafadzwa Mugwadi making fun and laughing at the death of former Secretary of State in the United States of America retired general Colin Powell. This is unheard of as it is unAfrican, lacking humanity and stupid.

By trying to say Powell had sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe that is not true as Zimbabwe invited sanctions on its own, "yazigwaza ngowayo", as it embarked on gross human rights abuses, killing journalists, opposition groups and civil society organisations activists.

Had Mugabe not gone mad during the chaotic and violent land invasions this would have not happened.

They had got Scot free after the Matabeleland and Midlands genocide where they had much assistance from the UK. Laughing at death shows how a filth and uncouthness ZANU PF people are, and how little do they value human life as they went on a killing shooting spree during gukurahundi, killing even foetuses.Hey guys bathi  isifo kasihlekwa.

Today it's there tomorrow it's you, regardless of how you hate someone his or her death can neither draw laughter nor ridicule.

Well its ZANU PF we know it as a violent, corrupt, incompetent, vote rigging, murderous, terrorist organization and its officials can say and do the most bizzare drama never seen. So for laughing at death this is beyond comprehension.

Source - Phosiwe Ncube
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