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Implement 2013 constitution

19 Oct 2021 at 19:10hrs | Views
It is completely unnecessary to keep on crying of sanctions and ignoring the corruption which is bleeding the country dry.

We continue unleashing the hungry, frail looking, poor rural folks to hold placards blocking MDC-Alliance President Nelson Chamisa whenever he wants  to campaign around the country and in particular the rural areas under the watchful eye of law enforcing agents.

Zanu PF should concentrate on revisiting their failed economic policies and manifestos than being a watch dog of the opposition.

Elections are coming soon and it is only the ballot box which will determine and separate men and boys.

This stone age politics of harrassing, using hate langauge speech and violence must be condemned. You cannot make omlets from bad eggs.

The spirit of entitlement in today's politics has no place in Zimbabwe. No one has the mandate to rule forever. Zanu PF must know that power is like grass one day or the other it will die. Power is temporary. We must learn to pass the baton whilst we still have the energy.

Strong leaders begin by criticizing themselves and praising others. They take responsibility and give credit to those who deserve. It is unfortunate that Zanu PF thinks that it is the only political party which has the arsenal of chromosomes to produce best leaders of the country.

To be honest Zanu PF is now a yesteryear organisation and a sell by date revolutionary institution. However it shall always be remembered as the party which has brought and ushered independence to the majority.

Zanu PF government needs to swallow its pride and do the right thing for sanctions to go. It must stop murdering people like what it did to Tonderai Ndira and political activist Itai Dzamara.

It must stop corruption, arbitray arrests, abductions, human rights abuses and capturing the media and the judiciary. These are main issues which the ruling party must quickly address.

Our government continues to disrespect property rights, ignoring BIPPAs and human rights. It is this government which is benefiting from them and looting without accountability. It is  failing the whole nation hiding under the banner of sanctions.

We are keeping on scratching healing wounds. For sanctions to be removed, Zimbabwe should fully  implement the 2013 Constitution. Sure sanctions will dissappear if we stop   picking up wrong bags to the airport and stop funding and buying cars for a tea and snack talk show meeting called Polad.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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