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Mnagagwa and Zanu-pf are defeatable

14 Oct 2021 at 07:53hrs | Views
There is a despondency nationwide about the prospect of unseating a Zanu-PF government together with its leader ED Mnangagwa. It is sad that the ordinary man in the street now believes that Zanu-PF is unbeatable in any contest but particularly at the ballot box. It is even sadder to note that opposition leaders seem to be pessimistic about their chances of defeating Zanu-PF at the ballot box. This has led to the general malaise in politics in Zimbabwe today. This has resulted in feeble attempts by the opposition camps which are trying to regroup and mount the desired fight back. This author begs to differ in that Zanu-PF has always been beatable and is in a weaker position now more than ever.

Ballot box

Zanu-PF can easily be beaten at the ballot box. Zanu knows that. Why do I say that? Firstly they have already lost elections, not once but twice. Knocked down by MdC-T in 2008 and 2013. There is evidence to support these assertions in the public domain out there for any doubting Thomasses. If they were beatable then, they are beatable now. The mistake MDC-T made was to fail to seize power once they won the elections. Unfortunately failure to seize power now gives the impression that Zanu is unbeatable at best and that power cannot be taken from Zanu by any means. Beating Zanu at the polls and taking over the reins of government are two different things. As stated above, it is clear Zanu can be beaten at the polls and that power can be transferred to the winners by force of intent or muscle. It takes a party with the know-how of taking over power. A party like Zapu would have marched to state house in 2008 and 2013 had they been the ones who had won.

The mere fact that Zanu prefers to rig elections is an admission that they cannot win fair elections because of their ideological bankruptcy and poor economics and administration. Voter intimidation started in 1979-1980 and is still on-going. This too suggests a party that is self-aware and truly knows that it is loathed by the majority in Zimbabwe. We can forgive them for using soft power and coercion by means of bribing key stakeholders like village heads and local chiefs but even this points to the ugly suitor unable to woo the princess. Misusing genuine aid resources and repackaging them as gifts from Zanu shows how low this fake revolutionary party has sunk. Any party that can counter these measures stands a good chance of thrashing Zanu at the polls.

There is one thing that Zanu does well though, that is, kick-starting their campaigns early. And boy do they campaign! They go to town hall and village kraal alike. They use local henchmen and ‘man' uqondes' to peddle their false ideology, lies and threats ensuring that poor prospective voters get the message. The message is that if you love Zanu then vote for it from the kindness of your heart and that if you hate Zanu you, too, have no choice but to vote for it. Or else? Having watched how much resources they splash at election time, I do not see strength but weakness in this approach. It is that this party lacks appeal. Their obsession with winning elections has become the means to an end. I read that if Zanu did not fear losing elections, they would not be combining all these methods just to stay in power. It is because Zanu knows they can be beaten. They know from history that in 1980 they defeated a formidable party machinery in Zapu. They used dirty tricks as is known by the then Zapu strongholds like Hurungwe and Nkayi. They know that if they could beat Zapu in that manner and shock town and country, then they too can be equally defeated.


The propaganda war can be won against Zanu-PF. Thanks to the World Wide Web. And even more thanks to the rise and rise of social media. The myths about the western world and sanctions can be challenged as surely these are not the only causes of our country's economic and social ills. The lavish spending by government officials, rampant corruption and abuse of office contributes to the plight of our country. The Look East policy has been a disaster whose effects will be experienced for generations to come. The land policy still leaves a lot to be desired as it appears that beneficiaries are big party wigs with a few crumbles left for the overzealous Zanu-PF-supporting povo. The fake liberation war achievements are there to be scrutinised. Who bombed the Salisbury fuel tanks? Who used high tech air missiles to bring down enemy war planes? Who brought down the Viscount? Who fought bravely in the Wankie and Spolilo battles? Zanla forces my foot! This is not to say Zanla forces did not have their fair share of battles won and lost. They just have to be honest and stick to what they actually achieved and be proud of their own contribution to the struggle. Students of history continue to rediscover the truth as the truth cannot be buried forever.

The military joke

There is a dry humour joke about the military might of Zanu-PF comprising armed forces, state agents and the police forces. The joke is that they too are unbeatable. What a joke! Even Ian Douglas Smith in his drunken euphoria said that NOT IN A TOUSAND YEARS only to be toppled within a couple of decades, if not less. No modern army is undefeatable. The masses are the only army that can be said to be undefeatable. It is the masses that we should all be in awe of as only they have real power. Can a military junta be defeated-you bet they can!


Zanu-PF is there for the taking both on and off the field. Opposition parties need to up their game. Revive the spirit of the liberation war era. Get the masses to support them wholly and sacrifice their lives for this country one more time until our people become free. Massive voter sensitisation needed. Followed by voter registration. And actually voting on the provided day/s. Guarding election results jealously with dear life if need be at each polling station. And then Bingo! Zanu-PF 0: 1 Freedom Alliance. Easy-peasy.

Zakhele Maphosa is writing in his personal capacity, personal opinions not representing any organisation in these articles. He can be contacted on or 00447482148413 for more information.

Source - Zakhele Maphosa
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