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Mwonzora afraid of election

11 Oct 2021 at 07:03hrs | Views
The centre is no longer holding anymore. The cow no longer produces creamy milk as it used to do.

Douglas Mwonzora is suffering from leadership kwashiokor and it is now crystal clear that he is a Zanu PF puppet getting orders from his sponsors.

Why is he pushing for a government of national unity when we are just only left with about seventeen months from holding elections?

Why would people care about a deal that is going to benefit a few greedy political spent forces who did not even garner half a million votes? Why do we need a government of national unity when the ruling party Zanu PF is doing well?

Zimbabweans at large know that Mr Douglas Mwonzora and his cabal are hard to sell to the electorate come 2023 and they are working all round the clock to convince Emmerson Mnangagwa to agree for a dialogue and form a government of national unity that will illegally postpone 2023 elections. They call themselves the Constitutional gurus but their appetite to shred the same is beyond imagination.

This narrative is also being pushed by a factional group supporting Mnangagwa who wants to push him for another term. These two Mwonzora and Mnangagwa  want to get power of public office without a mandate from the people?

Mwonzora is much aware that going into an election bout with Nelson Chamisa will see him licking his own wounds and falling by the wayside. He knows that he and his mates are unelectable. Their moral claim that they have people who support them is just a fallacy.

People should be wary of Douglas Mwonzora's lies that about 68% have confirmed and agreed that they want a government  of national unity. Where and when did he carry out that research? Only the gullible will listen to such a flawed statement.

Mwonzora's rising and manoeuvring his way up to the political ladder through unorthodox means has been exposed through grabbing Morgan Tsvangirayi House using the military, recalling members of parliament using the captured courts and now arm twisting people to agree to his selfish agenda of a national dialogue.

No matter how many times Mwonzora will try to avoid the ballot box and the people, but politics will always push him to the polling booth.

Mwonzora so far has not made an impact on the political arena besides recalls and press statements talking about politics of disputation. It's a matter of time elections will humble this big brother.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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