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Passion Java and the Zimbabwe music industry: Friend or Foe?

20 Aug 2021 at 21:32hrs | Views
Zimbabwe's music industry has the potential to generate significant economic and social benefits for the nation. Equally important, but less well understood, is the potential for a vibrant music industry to contribute significantly to the economy of the country. It has synergies with other sectors such as the liquor industry, accommodation sector, and the informal trading sector (street vending). It is thus a key provider of jobs and income revenue in the Zimbabwean economy. The music industry creates a number of opportunities for many people and the majority of these people are the artists and composers that produce music. However, the majority of Zimbabwean artists have failed to exploit the opportunities that are offered by the music industry. Many music artists still do not realise the full extent of the benefits that are offered by the music industry and this has made them to be stuck in poverty.

What many artists do not realise is that the rapid growth of the African music industry as well as the increased acceptance and exposure of quality Africa music, offer the opportunity for potentially explosive growth of the Zimbabwean music industry. However, this is determined by a fitting degree of dedication, versatility, creativeness and resources from the players in the music industry. Creativity, transformation, versatility and originality, - all these characteristics and potentials are what is needed for the Zimbabwean music industry to be competitive.  Yet the music industry has often failed to offer any of these. The major weakness facing the Zimbabwe industry is the limited finances available for investment in the development and promotion of good quality music and videos. This is exacerbated by the inability of artists to manage themselves and to develop a proper short term and long term vision. There are also barriers that hinder artists from getting airplay and regionalism which makes it difficult for artists from certain regions from reaching to a wider Zimbabwean audience. It is, therefore, critical to improve the resources available for investment if the Zimbabwean music industry is to take advantage of its present growth phase in African music. Furthermore, there needs to a shift in the mindsets of artists and producers in order for them to have liberal minds that has music excellence as a main objective.

This is where Passion Java has proven to be a significant windfall.  Passion Java is contributing to the revival of the music industry strategy through resuscitating and upgrading the standards of Zimbabwe's contemporary urban music. Passion Java's has brought flair and quality to the Zimbabwean music industry. His vision, resources (recording studio and visuals) and devotion look superb. He has the capability to contribute positively to the Zimbabwean music industry.  Through his efforts, a number of artists have managed to improve the quality of their music and visuals. His efforts are praiseworthy and applaudable. The onus now rests on the artists who are working with him to utilise the resources that Passion Java has offered. Other artists (those not working with Passion Java) should also take lessons, change their game and revitalise their energy in order for them to make quality and competitive music.

Courage Mlambo

Source - Courage Mlambo
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