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Why Zimbabwe needs democracy and human rights.

13 Aug 2021 at 06:43hrs | Views
Sometimes I think people need to be reminded why activists like ourselves  call for democracy and respect of human rights in Zimbabwe. When a country is a democracy, the government and politicians are accountable to the people, and are expected to act within the laws of the nation which are enforced by an apolitical judiciary and law enforcement.

In a democracy, if the politicians fell foul of these things, the political system which includes the public, parliament, the judiciary, and the media flashes them out and new people are brought in.

For example, if Zimbabwe was a democracy, none of the elections would be rigged because the election commission, judiciary and law enforcement that oversee elections will not be controlled or pretty much owned by Zanu-PF. Democracy is not just about removing Zanu, it's also about ensuring the country is run by the people who have been chosen by the majority.

Therefore, if any other political party beats Zanu at the election, after 5 years in power, this political party would be voted out if they fail to deliver on their promises. That's democracy. This is how countries get things done such as having electricity, clean water, good roads, a functional health system,  private sector businesses,  jobs for people, and an economy that works.

Human rights are important because they recognise the basic needs of a human being that ensure that they live a life free from humiliation. Human Rights are about saying that no one should be ill-treated and deprived of basic living needs, freedom of speech and political freedom.

Zimbabwe is signed up to this Convention.  A government that respects human rights is a government that values life. A government that hates human rights is a government that has no qualms killing its own citizens and views the public as a hindrance to their dominants We see this kind of thing with Zanu-PF.

They don't care about human rights because respecting human rights takes away their weapons  for domination which include violence, corruption and political motivated poverty.

There is no way that Zimbabwe can become a democracy so long as Zanu is in power, which is why it's paramount that the people rise up and remove this cancerous institute (Zanu) at the heart of our civilisation.

Source - Dudzai Mukondorongwe
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