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Buying time and delaying the inevitable. The case of Zanu-PF resistance to political reforms

02 Aug 2021 at 20:22hrs | Views
Playing a game without prior knowledge that Zanu-PF was a participant, a dearth of awareness of said rules dictated that Zanu-PF preference of a political system would be one patterned on its sponsor's political system. One that is archaic, tyrannical and authoritarian. It would be stimulated by a sense of unpatented, unprogressive entitled arrogance whose staked claims were to be sown from the theoretical liberation, whose proceeds would thus be pilfered by a revisionist, colonial China. This was thus the genesis of the need for political reforms.

Zanu-PF assumed that this would be shooting fat fish in a barrel with a shotgun. Banking on what it wrongly miscalculated to be liberation struggle credentials which would impact on the criminal, sadistic party what it hoped to be nothing less than an almost deity mystification. This would enable Zanu-PF to primitively accumulate without compromising its one man, one vote ethos, of which it had not been entirely forthcoming and honest with the people.
Zanu-PF had promised the indigenous people a universal suffrage when it came to choosing their governors. Crucial information that the same people would be raped, maimed, killed by means that are clearly state sanctioned, extra judicial was withheld from them, still green behind the ears, Zanu-PF thought. Zanu-PF cleverly started misinformation, misinformation under forming people thus as early as the theoretical liberation struggle.

All of these are Zanu-PF's means to an end of retaining power so that personal primitive accumulation by Zanu-PF criminals and clients, complimented by Chinese raping if the country's resources is unimpeded. Zanu-PF preferred thus to neglect the people's welfare it claimed to have liberated, and by virtue of liberation struggle credentials.

Zanu-PF knew and still does, of the gravity of political reforms. It would be inhibiting itself from plundering the country, thereby forfeiting its arrogant entanglements which lack substance. Political reforms are instructive in the sense that Zanu-PF would be coerced to prefer a democratic political system. This would be a bad investment for China.

For a truly sovereign Zimbabwe, under an enduring, dependable and reliable supreme law of the land, would be sealed off to Chinese cheap exports seeking a market from a satellite whose sphere of influence shares same ideology with the metropole, China. Likewise, almost free Chinese imports of critical raw materials for Chinese industry and exploding population, such as platinum, chrome, gold, timber would be inaccessible, threatening China's survival as she would not be able to convert economic prowess into military potency vital for security of China.

The point is one cannot fathom of political reforms viability without any appreciation of the causal factors behind the urgent need for the said political reforms, for the alternative would be the ultimate and inevitable state paralysis. It is essential to dissect the pawn status of Zanu-PF, its subsequent siege of Zimbabwe, and the ultimate beneficiary of this modus vivendi. China. Only then can an appreciation of implications in detail of legitimate and genuine political reforms be comprehended in detail, for the republic.

Source - Nancy Makurira
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