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Zimbabwean vampire elites stash millions of dollars in foreign countries

25 Jul 2021 at 14:30hrs | Views
I thought I had seen it all in Zimbabwe until 24 July 2021 when I saw this, "ZIMBABWE's Foreign Affairs ministry claims it has begun a process of documenting the number of fellow citizens residing in foreign lands".

My mind started racing and as usual, I had many basic questions that could fill a book but no basic answers so maybe someone might help me clarify a few things for me. When was the last population census in Zimbabwe conducted? How many people live in Zimbabwe today? Was this new exercise of documenting Zimbabweans living abroad cleared by Parliament? Where did the funds to document Zimbabweans living in the four corners of the world come from? Why does Zimbabwe need Embassies in these foreign lands if they don't have this information? Didn't the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp an exit visa in the sons and daughters' passports as they bid farewell to the motherland?

I am sorry guys but the level of insanity with our leaders is upsetting and requires real man to show up and demand what is right for Zimbabwe. Sadly, legislations that have gone through parliament are to uproot people from their ancestral homes due to some discovery of minerals; control of foreign currency and those to preserve political power—not a single people-centered legislation was passed in Parliament in 2021 and we are in the last days of July. So what is going on?

I figured there is more to this census insanity. This is a scheme to get money out of Zimbabwe. Recently, we have seen a car imported from United Kingdom—these Vampire leaders are faithful only to their foreign bank accounts; they have no sense of morality, justice, or even patriotism. They are stuck with millions if not billions worth of mineral wealth and are looking for a safer way to get those funds to their foreign accounts and announcing this exercise soon after the deportation of a few Zimbabweans from United Kingdom provides them with a perfect cover.

You kill and maim your own people and destroy your own country to acquire and protect your booty because you are functionally illiterate, and incapable of using the skills and knowledge you acquired from school to get rich on your own in the private sector.

Do I need to remind my countrymen that President Mnagagwa went after the loot that former president Mugabe, his family and cronies stashed abroad? Where is the recovered loot? re-looted! And stashed away in foreign bank accounts? Mnangagwa visited the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe on numerous occasions, how much did he find in the Central Bank Accounts?

Look, there was paying useless bonds to Diaspora remittances until Western Union threatened to quit the Zimbabwean market; there was Mnangagwa's favored chartered plane? There was the Rushayas smuggling gold through the airport. There are Vampire foreign bank accounts where Diasporas deposit money and the Vampire pays out foreign currency in Zimbabwe. This is where we are today; this is why thousands of sycophants are being sent to foreign lands on a useless mission. My promise to Mnangagwa and his cronies is as all other schemes were discovered and stopped, same will happen to this new one. Your cronies with boxes of cash to stash away in foreign banks under the pretense of diaspora census will be stopped.

This insanity cannot be tolerated and will be resisted by all Zimbabweans of sound mind living in the diaspora. Who told these imbeciles that people who left Zimbabwe and living abroad are still Zimbabweans? Isn't it the same Foreign affairs ministry that demands that Zimbabwean born persons who now hold passports from other countries are no longer Zimbabweans and require a visa to visit their motherland? How can they now pretend to carry an exercise to account for the same people they no longer recognize as Zimbabweans?

This exercise is futile and will be resisted in the foreign lands! What we want is for Mnangagwa to build for the future not engage in the same useless, reckless, and deceptive schemes that bankrupt the country he purports to be the leader.

Source - Sam Wezhira
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