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Zanu-PF party is a British project

19 Jul 2021 at 12:00hrs | Views
The vice grip that the Zanu Pf party and government has on the Zimbabwean economic, social and political sphere since 1980 is suffocating. Close analysis on the background of this political party and government  exposes the British government  probably as the brains behind the formation of Zanu Pf.
I will highlight my reasons below.

During the intense build up towards the war for the liberation of Zimbabwe, Zapu a political party led by J Nkomo was more aligned to the Eastern European bloc countries namely the Soviet Union (now called Russia), West Germany (unified Germany ), Poland etc.

These countries's economic,social and political policies had incorporated communism and socialism and thus Zapu's military personnel were being trained by these countries subsequently incorporating their ideologies of socialism which meant equal distribution of land and other means of production.

Socialism and communism were contrary to the British government  policies which favoured capitalism which  essentially did not favour equal distribution of land and other means of production . The British government had citizens in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe ) who are some of the present day so called "white farmers" whose interests  the British government had to protect by all means necessary.

 The British government had to find a solution urgently for its "white farmers" before the liberation war ended with Zapu in power as the new governing political party of Zimbabwe led by Nkomo.

A perfect opportunity presented itself when the British government found the solution in R Mugabe who led Zanu Pf party formed by Enos Nkala and others.The Zanu Pf party's policies were neither here nor there of which proved to be an advantage to the British government .The British government  muscled the Zanu Pf party into power in 1980 using the tribalism card on Zimbabweans by instigating voting on ethnic lines in the 1980 elections of independence as PF Zapu was led by Nkomo a Ndebele and Zanu Pf led by Mugabe a Shona.

Ironically the first cabinet minister of agriculture of the new Zanu Pf government in post independence Zimbabwe was a white man ,Dennis Norman. Indeed the British government had won as the interests of the few " white farmers i.e the farms " would be protected and secured under lock and key as witnessed by appointing a white minister of agriculture ( a crucial and sensitive portfolio as land redistribution was high on the agenda of Zimbabweans). This fatal appointment of a white minister of agriculture would ensure the continuation of the frustration of being landless which had to be endured by the Zimbabweans for the next 20 years under the Zanu Pf party and government after independence.

Hence the  Zanu Pf party has since its formation prior to 1980 never had any  beneficial policies for Zimbabweans be it on economics concerning land distribution and creation of new industries or social ie uniting Zimbabweans on ethnic lines. Basically the Zanu Pf party has since its inception been fulfilling the interests of its British masters to the detriment of Zimbabweans.

The  British and Americans imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe by the British and Americans in the 2000s as punishment on the Zanu Pf party and government for not being "a good boy" when the  Zanu Pf government misled innocent Zimbabweans into conducting the so called " land invasions" in the eyes of the British and Americans.

Actually its  the Zimbabweans who had been betrayed by the Zanu Pf party which swayed the 1980 elections of independence of Zimbabwe in favour of the British government and its so called "white farmers" and thus protecting the "white farmers" interests. It did not come as a surprise when in 2020 the Zanu Pf party and its government decided to use the Zimbabweans's  taxpayers's funds to compensate the "white farmers " without consulting Zimbabweans.

 This unprecedented move by the Zanu PF party and government was meant to appease their British masters whom they had angered and had thus deviated from their pre 1980 unholy arrangement. All this to the detriment and impoverishment of Zimbabweans again.

Unfortunately some innocent Zimbabweans are suffering due to these economic sanctions which should have been imposed on Zanu Pf party members as it only the Zanu PF party that entered into the unholy relationship with the British government pre 1980.

Mugabe and the Zanu PF government had betrayed their British masters by advocating for land distribution during the period of 2000 which was detrimental to the economic  interests of the few  "white farmers" who had enjoyed protection from Mugabe and his Zanu Pf party and government since 1980 as per the instructions of the British government.

These among other factors indicate that for all purposes and intents that the Zanu PF party and government has always been a British government project. Therefore its up to Zimbabweans to decide their political, economic and social fate and destiny in the upcoming  2023 national elections and shake off the boot of deceit and oppression on the neck of Zimbabweans by Zanu Pf party and its government.

Source - Muzi Hadebe
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