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Apartheid leaders in SA must be prosecuted for 'crimes against humanity and genocide'

by Njabulo
08 Jul 2021 at 21:41hrs | Views
Former Apartheid regime President De Klerk and his Colleagues must also be prosecuted for Crimes against Humanity and Genocide. These crimes have no statutory limitation or they are not time-limited or they are not statute-barred.

De Klerk and his Colleagues are walking Scot free, yet they killed and tortured Blacks. They abused their official positions. That also includes the looting of funds for the public. As it is they are stinking rich while the Black folk are in absolute poverty.

"All are equal, despite their skin colour". And justice must be served equally. Now that President Zuma has been incarcerated, the state must prosecute De Klerk for crimes perpetrated against Blacks.(Crimes against Humanity and Genocide.

The Boers have been more vocal in calling for the imprisonment of President Zuma, claiming that he was breaching the rule of law. So, since their Crimes also amount to not upholding the "Rule of Law", they must be prosecuted. The "Rule of Law" must be upheld by all citizens, without exceptions.

There must be no exclusion of others because of their skin colour or race. The Boers have enjoyed the freedom of incarcerating, killing and violating the Human Rights of Blacks, but nothing has been done to them. Whether one can call that 'purging' them, is not material at this point, as they have exuded ingratitude to being granted freedom through the 'Reconciliation Policy', which Madiba granted them. But, did all the South Africans consent to that?.

The answer is No!. Where is Steve Biko and others who they killed?.

So, these Boers must also be prosecuted for their crimes as their crimes do not meet the threshold of Statutory limitation or time limitation. The state must waive that 'Reconciliation Policy', and prosecute them, as soon as is practicably possible.

If no legal recourse of criminal proceedings is unleashed against them, they will feel that they are above the law. These are crimes of murder, everyone must know that. Crimes of murder do not qualify for statute limitation or are not statute-barred.

This will be easy, as SA has signed to the UN for that to be done against anyone who perpetrates Genocide and Crimes against Humanity. Why must that only apply to Blacks?. Let there be justice for victims of the apartheid regime.

Source - Njabulo
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