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Zanu-PF Covid-19 Super-spreader

04 Jul 2021 at 17:11hrs | Views
Zimbabwe's ruling party Zanu-PF and its government are a cause for concern in the light of rising Covid-19 infections. They have imposed Covid-19 restrictions which restrict movement and economic activities. It seems the same restrictions do not apply to them as they going about their usual campaign. Zanu pf is using these restrictions to thwart opposition parties from gaining momentum while they tour the country cajoling and intimidating prople to vote for them in the coming elections set for 2023.

One wonders if they are just pretending and shedding crocodile tears to the world about their concern that the infections are surging in Zimbabwe.

Contrary to its adherence to closing affected institutions such as schools, universities and other public places, behind the scenes they are marauding and nichodemously assembling traditional leaders to do their dirty work. Chiefs, headmen, village heads, church leaders and the business community are all being threatened with bad things to come if they do not join Zanu pf  and vote for it in the next coming national elections.

It seems that the Covid 19 pandemic is being used to suppress and silence dissenting voices. The opposition is being pushed aside to keep them off the corridors of power. All this as preparation for the much desired landslide victory at the 2023 plebiscite. It seems Zanu pf has not given up on its dream of a one party state.

The speech that was given by the party’s political commissar, Patrick Chinamasa, on the 24th of June that the army belongs to Zanu pf is shocking but not surprising. 

These reckless uttereces by men of his rank and file proves that Zanu pf  is now using the Covid 19 as a shield to pursue its evil agendas without even considering the plight of the ordinary civilians.

In the midst of this suffering Covid 19 threatens people’s lives and livelihoods. Citizens are being left homeless when their homes and businesses are destroyed by the state and its agents. Some have been left in the cold with no decent shelter. Homelessness gives more room spreading most infections including this pandemic.

Yet Mr President is only concerned with consolidating power.  He announces without shame that he will be assigning MPs and ministers to go around the constituencies in the pretext of delivering the covid awareness campaign yet their actual agenda is written in black and white. They will be campaigning for their prolonged reign of terror as usual.Why has he not assigned the healthcare professionals who can deliver politically neutral messages. 

We urge the opposition, SADC and the international community to  listen to the people of Zimbabwe who just want peace and prosperity. The voiceless deserve to be heard once and for all.

Source - Sibusisiwe Tshuma
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