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Households must Arm up and protect themselves

15 Jun 2021 at 15:42hrs | Views
Zimbabweans must take matters into their hands as the rate of thieving, prostitution, drug use, and homosexuality by our country's youth reaches unprecedented levels. Our leaders have decided to look the other way and are busy cozying up to the like of Passion Java.

Our leaders understand the youthful hype to brush shoulders with celebrities and are taking a simplistic approach to gain political mileage but taking the country back into the Stone Age. These Zimbabwean celebrities are political creations who are out there on a political mission of driving support for ZANU (PF). Mnangagwa thinks he can just hoodwink everyone, it is embarrassing.

The youth who throng Java's stage managed fake strolls are jobless and broke. Most of them are night vagabonds who survive on stealing anything from our households. It is insulting to the elders of this country who spend sleepless nights trying to fend off these young thieves. What is Mnangagwa doing for us, the hardworking elders of this country who are being victimized by our own confused, broke and jobless youths?

 As a victim myself, I will not hesitate to say that we must arm up, get guns and protect ourselves. Our youth must never be neglected to this level; it destroys the hope for the country, it destroys our future and it is a dangerous precedence. It is bad for the elders; it is bad for the youth; it is bad for everyone.

 I have been around the block and I know what I am talking about - any country that does not have "Tomorrow's Leaders Program" is cursed. Our youth is our future; is our hope and using them for political expedience is suicidal; it is the worst unpatriotic move by any leader and I urge all elders of sound mind in Zimbabwe to arm themselves first and to defend their future; their children.

I have witnessed other African nations establishing a simple soccer training camp that have produced top notch players. In Senegal for example, Académie Génération Foot has produced more than 50 super soccer players like Sadio Mane who have landed multi-million dollar contracts with top-notch football clubs around the world. Putting the excitement of watching Cisse, Mane, Sarko etc aside; how much money do you think is flowing back into Senegal as a result of such a simple project? It is just a soccer ball, it is round and does not talk - all what is need is focus and dedication for our future.

Now compare this with petty young thieves in Zimbabwe, going for Gogo's copper pipes; borehole controls, electric gadgets in order to sell them for quick WhatsApp change so they can try and snap a selfie with Passion Java; pathetic!!  More troublesome is the massive turn to drugs, prostitution and homosexuality practice by our youths. Where is the future when boys are competing with girls for man on the streets?

The elders of Zimbabwe, it doesn't have to be your child, we have a moral obligation to provide direction for our lost youths. I encourage you not only to arm yourselves but to get our youths back from the brink. Anything that helps, gardening, soccer, chicken projects, anything!! I beg you.

Source - Sam Wezhira
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