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Good Advisors must be around the 'PRESIDENT'

11 May 2021 at 22:42hrs | Views
The office of the President and Cabinet, is a highly regarded, commended, and respected office, it deserves honour, dignity and respect. Those who are responsible for preparing meetings around the " Presidency", or those who are in charge of PR work, or what we call, Public Relations, should do their homework, before any recommendations on bookings with State President, or official meetings.

Apparently, on another note, State House is a respected office, in some other countries, they call it " Plot Number 1, and some they call the President Eagle 1, some they call him His Excellency, or Her Excellency, it's a sign of Honour, and with high regards, it's purely civil, professional and due respect, regardless of whether you voted for him or not. The office occupancy is purely professional, sober and level headed.

I read with a sad note, one guy who met President Mnangagwa, I supposed a socialite, or artist or brand something, perhaps AAG or something else, he met the President putting on a t-shirt with someone's skill on it's face, and some jeans, with some funny shoes, and he went on to apologize that it was a hurried meeting, and it was too late to go and change his clothes, and he felt it was an honour to meet the man in charge of Plot Number 1, and if he misses the official meeting, then it would be difficult to have such a gesture accorded to him again.

I have two questions ;

1. So the guy was not aware that he will meet the President yesterday? It was a simply hurried meeting, with no Appointment?

2. Who is responsible for setting the President's appointments? He makes hurried decisions and meetings for the President?

3. It is either the artist is downplaying the saga for fear of further embarrassment, or for fear of being removed from the AAG Executive or some either benefits or perhaps contracts!?

4. Purely civil, someone must be send packing. He or she has failed his or her job in the PR team, and must be shown the exit door

5. Perhaps, it's the President who has hurriedly organised a meeting with this guy, but out of what benefit?

Something is not adding up on this one, and we expect a better statement from the Press Secretary for the President, to clean up the mess.

On another note, the Kazungula official opening saga is not adding up, after carefully studying an official letter circulating on social media, coming from Botswana Government. It states clearly, only two Presidents will officially open the Kazungula bridge, the President of Botswana, His Excellency Masisi, and Zambian President, Edgar Lungu. The letter was carefully crafted, leaving out our own, though he is part of the invited guests. I thought Kazungula bridge, in one way or another, is more connected to Zimbabwe, which would position our own on a better Strategic placement.

Last but not least, those in charge of organizing the President's events or appointments are not doing their best, leaving the Presidency fractured or badly exposed or injured. There is need for advisors to do their homework, study the ground, situations, context, and come up with better conclusions, before leading the President in further embarrassments.

Let's have a flash back

1. on the Karanda footbridge official opening, the Presidency was injured and fractured, leaving the whole team heavily exposed.

2. The bridge which was opened by Mohadi, the then Vice President, in Matebelaland, was in bad taste. This was not good for the Presidency.

3. Many ground breaking ceremonies, which have not yielded positive results.

Whilst the intention may be good, for development, there is need for Advisors to work around the clock to study some of the decisions, before arriving on critical conclusions.

On another note, even State House must be reserved for highly profiled and honoured events, to avoid light-weight Presidency. For example, we had former MDC Alliance officials being paraded at State House, this further reduced the role of the place which is supposed to be of Honour and respect !!!

The President must have a team which scheme events, a team which studies situation, ahead of crucial meetings. The team must be able to give honest opinion, feedback and the reality of events. Previously, I have always recommended an Independent Advisory Commission which comprise of Strategic Thinkers, Academics, Researchers, Corporate World leaders, interlocutors and many others who can offer better Advisory to the Presidency and Government.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking - ZIST, and he can be contacted at

Source - Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
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