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Tribalism is unwelcome and unconstitutional in the new Zimbabwe dispensation

01 May 2021 at 09:11hrs | Views
A news article appeared recently in a local media publication that said that the Minister of Justice Ziyambi accused an MDC-T  Senator Khaliphani Phugeni of being a tribalist who apparently had expressed his impatience with the President ED Mnangagwa of delaying the appointment of a new Vice President in replacement of K Mohadi.  

The Constitution of Zimbabwe 2013 addresses the issue of tribalism as a form of discrimination that is rebuked and frowned upon in Zimbabwean society. Section 56 of the 2013 Constitution states that everyone has the right to equality and non discrimination and access to the resources and no Zimbabwean should be discriminated against based on their tribe, ethnic and social background or culture.

The region of Matebeleland suffered discrimination based on tribe and stystematic blockage from accessing state rescources by the previous regime of the late Robert Mugabe who was head of Zanu Pf political party at the time. The Ndebele tribe were butchered and killed immediately after 1980 just when Zimbabwe had gained independence from white minority rule. All these events highlight the marginalisation of the Ndebele tribe by the old Zanu Pf government of which some of the harmful effects of such marginalisation are still felt today as a case in point ,most state jobs were reserved for Shona speakers and Ndebele tribe stood no chance of being appointed in those high paying State positions.In essence Shonas were priviledged from 1980 by virtue of the systematic oppression imposed by Mugabe's Zanu Pf since 1980.

Ziyambi's statements are reckless and irresponsible of him to utter such words against the people of Matebeleland despite the painful past and history of this country after 1980 concerning the Ndebele tribe. He is a privileged individual whose conduct borders on confusion and recklessness over his privilege. As the Chinese saying goes "with great power comes with great responsibility".

The current President of Zimbabwe, ED Mnangagwa is applauded for making serious attempts in resolving peace and harmony in Zimbabwe as shown through the appointment of the NRPC concerning the Gukurahundi massacres in Matebeleland and Midlands.In terms of Section 56 (6) of the Constitution ,the State must take legislative steps to correct the issue of discrimination and other measures to promote people who hav been marginalised in Zimbabwe.The Ndebele tribe are perfect examples of such people who the State of Zimbabwe must assist to promote their interests as they have been marginalised since 1980.

It is apparent that the current president under the new dispensation is trying to align himself with the spirit and purpose of the 2013 Constitution which encourages unity,peace and equal treatment and access to resources in Zimbabwe by all tribes based on merit and not tribalism, nepotism, favouritism or any other form of unequal advantage over social other groups.

Mzilikazi Zwane

Source - Mzilikazi Zwane
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