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'Get vaccinated now' commanded Mnangagwa, on low uptake of Sinopharm vaccine - he still doesn't get it

15 Mar 2021 at 18:22hrs | Views
"As at yesterday, only 36 283 frontline workers had been vaccinated with Sinopharm against a target of 100 000 people, with the majority said to be sceptical of the efficacy of the drug donated by China," reported News Day.

To reach head immunity, Zimbabwe must vaccinate 10 million out of its 15 million population. The fact that it is struggling to get the first 100 000 to come forward to take the vaccine speaks volumes of the public's confidence in the Sinopharm vaccine being offered. The vaccine has yet to be approved by WHO.

Zimbabwe accepted Sinopharm vaccine because it was a free gift.

There are many other vaccines with WHO seal of approval on the market. Zimbabwe should have sourced and paid for these vaccines. It seems the country is totally reliant on free vaccines? You accept whatever you are given, beggars are not choosers.
Why are we a nation of beggars?

The country is losing US$1.2 billion per annual to gold smugglers. Two weeks ago, the nation learned V P Chiwenga unveiled his new "White House" mansion.  

"The cost of the new house runs into millions of dollars. The source of Chiwenga's wealth remains a mystery," reported The News Hawk.
"The breath-taking property was constructed in recent months by Chinese nationals who fitted it with the latest technology to bolster the security-conscious vice-president's safety.

"Dubbed "the White House", the awe-inspiring double-storey mansion has a spectacular structure and the finest finishing; transcendental decorative texture and optics all built by the Chinese."

Of course, we know the source of VP Chiwenga's wealth, his close relationship with the Chinese dates back to his days in the army. The Zimbabwe Defence Forces; together with the Police, CIO and a few others; was one of the institutions to be issued the diamond mining concession in Marange and Chiadzwa.

The concession allows the holder and their partner, the Chinese in this case, to mine for diamonds and share to spoils without ever declaring their earnings or paying any tax – no wonder the concessions have been dubbed "Open licence to loot!"
VP Chiwenga and the top brass in the army were the beneficiaries. And when he retired from the army to become VP arrangements were made to make sure he continued to receive his share of the looted wealth.

VP Chiwenga is doubling up as Minister of Health and therefore is aware the country has been slow in purchasing the corona virus vaccines, assuming it has bought any, ostensibly because it did have the money. And yet he was splashing millions of dollars, most of it in foreign currency, on "latest technology and finniest fittings" for his mansion.

"Covid-19 vaccines have been delivered to Zimbabwe. These vaccines help minimise risk of infection and are being administered all over Zimbabwe free of charge. So, get vaccinated now," argued President Mnangagwa.

"This is our stand against covid-19. Together, we will conquer. Get vaccinated now."

He still does not get it!  
Zimbabweans are as keen as anyone else the world over to get the corona virus jab but not so keen to get this Sinopharm vaccine only because it is yet to get WHO approval. Meanwhile, government should be offering the people the other approved vaccines!

Zimbabwe is a wealthy nation; just needs to stamp out corruption and other wasteful activities; and should not be rely on begging, especially on critical matters like the corona virus vaccines. Why are these common-sense arguments so alien and incomprehensible to this Zanu PF regime!!!!

It is the stuff of nightmares to have a corrupt, incompetent and utterly useless government during good times but when there is a crisis like the corona virus pandemic the nightmare becomes a catastrophe of Biblical proportion. Zimbabwe will be very lucky to reach the 10 million head immunity on donated vaccines by end of next year, 2022. Until then, the country will be susceptible to a one wave after another of the corona virus outbreak and God knows the economic and human price we will pay with each pass.

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