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Zanu-PF hijacked Soul Jah Love's funeral

24 Feb 2021 at 08:57hrs | Views
Zimbabwe's ruling party Zanu PF has been for time immemorial leading in hijacking funerals, especially of celebrities.

The party was shamelessly at it again this time around when they declared Saul Musaka popularly known as Soul Jah Love in the Zimbabwean dancehall music. The party has gained notoriety for fighting over celebrities' corpses!

They also did the same at the late Dr Oliver Mtukudzi's funeral. The same happened when former President Cde Robert Mugabe. Mugabe of course was their own person but before he died, he broadly refused to be entered at the National Shrine.

Last week Zanu PF were on steroids printing banners for Soul Jah Love's image declaring him a provincial hero. That was done to lure the ghetto youths who ended up chanting slogans at his burial praising President Emmerson Mnangwa.

The question that immediately comes into mind is, if he did not sing about Zanu PF was he going to be declared a provincial hero? Another question is, will they declare Winky D like they did to Soul Jah Love?

Who should decide to declare an individual who would have served the country with colours a hero status?

Should that be left to be decided by a certain clique of people from the ruling party like what we are witnessing from Zanu PF?

Imagine upon death, the ZANU-PF politburo decides who should be declared a hero. Three options exist namely, district, provincial and national hero.

I think the method is a bit flawed and needs some touch ups and a little bit of panel beating in order for it to sound more national than being partisan.

Mugabe deliberately sidelined Zimbabwean nationalist leader, Ndabaningi Sithole, as the president became increasingly dictatorial.

Heroes and heroines are naturally born and not accorded by man but by the Almighty. Unfortunately we have seen those outside the revolutionary party not being declared heroes simply because they don't tow along the lines.

George Shaya, Leonard Dembo real name Kwangwari Gwaendepi and Mukudzei Mudzi just to mention a few may not be heroes by declaration but citizens see them as such.

Declaring someone a hero status must not be limited and decided by a political party or politburo only but there must be a national consensus. It must be a collective national issue where all stakeholders are involved and should sound national.

The declaration of national heroes must be handled by an independent body not by this ZANU PF politburo which declares their supporters heroes.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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