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Chamisa to offer Trump a word of advice?

07 Jan 2021 at 09:44hrs | Views
Chamisa sits in his office feeling highly encouraged by the events in America. Should he offer Trump a message of solidarity? Amidst all the hypocrisy and pretence of democracy and being a democratic police officer of the world American's still bitterly divided country - laid bare by the election and President Trump's ugly reactions. Zimbabwe can show that it's mob management system is far advanced than what has been exhibited by the Americans.

The world has been entertained to the most barbaric violent show of how to lose elections the American way. Thousands invaded the American's pride of democracy the Capitol disrupting the Senate  sitting and running smock  showing anarchy right from the holy seat of civilisation and democracy. The last time the Capitol was invaded was in 1712 by the British.   Still unclear. Now that's what One calls elections."

In that vein, can we  try to extract some positive election news. Of course, the best news is that America can not be a preacher of democracy peace and love. Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump. President Trump is a failed leader responsible for tens of thousands of unnecessary COVID-19 deaths, who has degraded his office and trampled on democratic norms. Nothing better illustrates his autocratic instincts than his attempts to stop the inauguration and peaceful transition of power.  Two months after the elections Trump still label the election a Fraud. It is therefore normal that Zimbabwe, together with other democratic and progressive countries from around the world, must stop the rise of dictatorship in America. There has been unprecedented scenes of barbarism in America, this circus and tragic-comedy that is unfolding in the United States of America  resembles a dogs breakfast.
It is highly ironical that the world's biggest policeman on good governance, human rights, rule of law, accountability, transparency and democracy is currently battling with those very basic concepts of civilisation.  

The most surprising is the deafening silence of the Parrot Fadzai Mahere and the loud mouths  Biti and Job Sikhala.

Basic concepts, which the Zimbabwean government has been accused of by America since independence. We are made to understand that US dictator and megalomaniac Donald Trump has  rallied his thugs to attack the Capitol. They entered the building killing one person and forcing senators into hiding.

This strikes serious similarities with the behaviour of MDC in Zimbabwe. We can not observe America without setting our eyes on the branches of violence created by America. We look no further than our own back yard. We have an opposition who March to the Sheraton hotel where election command centre is operating from with one aim of overrunning it. This is cut from the American's Trump behaviour to rally thugs to the Capitol with one aim of disrupting an election process. The similarities are striking, Trump's Vice President dumps trump and endorses Biden so did Khupe who endorses ED.  
At the same time Trump refused to make clear indications on when he will leave office after being soundly trounced in the recent elections by his opponent, Joe Biden. On the other hand Chamisa pulls a legitimacy card against ED to this day. Chamisa's father Donald trump refuses to acknowledge that he has lost. None of us has expected to see such scenes in our life time.  

People have now realised that President Trump is plotting a coup to prevent Joe Biden from taking office. This was exactly what Chamisa tried to pull in Zimbabwe but the truth always prevails so ZANU PF continues to show the world how democracy builds patience.

But America has shown its true colours and plunges Western Democracy into disarray.
Those fears have arisen, of course, as Trump insists he won, and floods his fans with lies about massive voter fraud. Meantime, he  ordered his supporters to March to the Capitol building which they did and over run.
Trump is commanding an attack on American's democracy. What he is doing is almost as ugly (although hardly unexpected). He appears bent on undermining American's national security during the transition, in pursuit of last-minute revenge and domestic civil war.

"In a transition period there is already going to be turbulence, and leaders should try to provide stability so enemies don't take advantage,"

Yet the president is stoking turbulence prior to Biden's inauguration in so many ways that  shows the world that America does not qualify to lecture the world on democracy.

Most petty is Trump's refusal to allow Biden security briefings — a practice adhered to by past presidents of both parties. This is no minor matter, as new presidents have to be ready the moment they take office.

Dictators should not be allowed to thrive by clinging to power as they continue to plunder the rich mineral resources that the USA is well endowed with.

SB Moyo must summons US ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian Nichols to explain the unacceptable barbarism that is emanating from Washington DC. America owes Zimbabwe an apology and must remove all the sanctions forth with.

The United Nations should immediately slap crippling and comprehensive  targeted economic sanctions as they have done on others.  Should America get its own poison , should the people slap Trump with additional mechanisms to effect regime change? Is this how democracy work.  Would we demand that
American economy must scream until the dictator leaves office.
"Trump has ordered people on the streets so that he can find a reason to invoke the Insurrection Act, but there are no riots, so what for?"

"Among other hallmarks during his misrule in the last four years, the US dictator has pursued nepotism as a tool to economically empower his relatives and his family business enterprise.
The dictator gave his daughter a plum and cushy job in the White House while at the same time employing his son-in-law as an advisor." If this was to happen in Zimbabwe we all know what Fadzai Mahere will be telling the world.
One writer Mr Kombo said
"Africa cannot and should not stand by while the USA violates all tenets of democracy as that could spread like a wild fire across the world"

Dictators should not be allowed to thrive by clinging to power as they continue to plunder the rich mineral resources that the USA is well endowed with. That is what the world should be saying now.
It is, therefore, time that Foreign and international affairs minister SB Moyo summoned US ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian Nichols to explain the unacceptable barbarism that is emanating from Washington DC.
After SB Moyo summons the US ambassador for a candid lesson in democracy, other African foreign affairs ministers should follow suit before advising their presidents to convene an urgent and extraordinary African Union (AU) summit with the USA as the only agenda item. Is this not what they always do on Zimbabwe.

They should immediately slap crippling and comprehensive economic sanctions that will include asset freezes and travel restrictions.

If the US regime is not willing to reform, the AU should make it very clear that additional mechanisms to effect regime change such as an invasion will be actively pursued.

We need to make the American economy scream until the dictator leaves office.

"Trump has struggled time and again to get the Pentagon to do his bidding," says John Gans, former chief Pentagon speechwriter and author of White House Warriors, a history of the National Security Council. "These [four men] are the foot soldiers of Trump's war on government, his war on what he calls the ‘deep state.' They are willing to bend and break the rules."

"I'm most worried about the effect on U.S. public opinion," says Harvard's Daniel Ziblatt, coauthor of How Democracies Die. "Sixty percent of Republicans think the election is not legitimate, so [they will think] Biden is not a legitimate president. Does this not sound a bell of similarities with Zimbabwe's opposition?

"Yes, I know that Trump won't go quietly, and will keep stoking fear and rage among the nearly half of U.S. voters who backed him. And I realise that a split government with a likely Democratic president and a GOP Senate majority is a formula for continued paralysis in getting things done.

Moreover, America's adversaries such as China and Russia are poised to take advantage if the country continues to be riven by divisions and violence." Commented one journalist.

Trump will no longer have his bully pulpit to spread lies and conspiracy theories. Yes, he will still tweet, and may even start his own Trump TV since Fox is not sycophantic enough.

Yet Trump's tweets, which had to be followed closely when they represented presidential policy statements, won't command similar attention when he is an ex-president. Responsible media can ignore them. And if the president continues to rant about a stolen election, even some of his followers may tire of his tirades.

Moreover, as president, Joe Biden will be particularly suited to reach out to an exhausted country with his message that he is governing as president of the United States, not as the president of blue or red states.

The hypocrisy of the Western democracy has been exposed. The so called centre for democracy and its simple has been defiled by itself.

Shame on America and shame of forced democracy.
This should be a lesson to those who strive to destroy other countries in the name of democracy.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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