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Khupe wins the mantra for a bad loser

29 Dec 2020 at 14:33hrs | Views
In a bizarre move characteristic of child play.Thokozani Khupe becomes referee in a contest where she is a player. While the practices of the MDC(s) provide Zimbabwe with a comedy to cheer the nation during the scares of Covid 19 it appears their love for escalating comedy is unsatiated. The long-awaited extraordinary congress that had become a perennial postponement game was finally underway on 27 December 2020. Many commentators hailed it as the big political event that would position MDC-T for the right footing as the nation starts gearing for 2023. The media of all makes were beaming from the Harare International Conference Centre. Surprisingly, the outcome of the election is not the high point. The news filtering through that Douglas Mwonzora was the overwhelming choice for the delegates became secondary as madame Khupe took centre stage in demonstrating the folly of her inability to say categorically by persistently stating "kategotikari". Many who thought it was a joke should understand that this is the typical "kategotikari".

Of cause now she responds to her loss in an election by "kategotikari" suspending the winner from the party. To every sane person prior to any election all positions being contested become vacant. In this case the contest was for a contest to replace the late Morgan Richard Tsvangirai as the president of MDC-T. The political immaturity demonstrated by madame Khupe smacks of power intoxication like his sworn enemy, one Nelson Chamisa. It appears MDC (s) is alien to political stability. It must be noted that madame Khupe became a thornm in the flesh for the late iconic leader of the original MDC. When the nation sympathised with her for the ruthless treatment she suffered on the hands of the male chauvinist Nelson Chamisa, it tends out she is equally diabolic in her politic antics. Suddenly, she now parades a charge sheet for embezzlement of funds and rigging justifying the suspension. The question is, "Would she suspend DM if she was the winner?". Where is she deriving the powers to suspend. Remember she is simply a losing candidate who used to be acting president. If madame Khupe had advisers, it was sensible to seek an internal meeting than rush to announce to the world a half-baked truth of someone mourning her loss as a bad loser. add a comment

"Bad loser" does indeed mean the same as "sore loser", but I'd suggest that the former is more common in the UK, whereas the latter is more common in the US.

Madam Thokozani Khupe fits the definitions of both words. There is a slight shade of difference between the two: "bad loser" describes a character trait, whereas "sore loser" more often describes the way someone is currently behaving. After losing the elections Khupe went cuckoo. Like a subtler version of the difference between being bad-tempered and being angry.

"Sore loser" is a more common idiom to describe someone who acts badly when they don't win. But "bad loser" can also be used to describe this, and is transparent in meaning. Being "sore" is a symptom of being poor at, bad at, ungraceful at, losing. It describes the resulting condition rather than the ability. "Bad" is certainly common.

One who fails to accept losing is contrary to democratic expectations. With one who is actually intending to become the president of the nation being the commander in chief of bad losers the future of democracy is in the sling to be sent in total abyss.

The behaviour of Khupe in being a Sore loser means that our opposition is cursed. It goes with no doubt that the democratic space has been polluted by those who prophesy to be the prophets of hope. Elections must not only be acceptable when you lose. The behaviour of the MDC T is a more common expression of a bad loser.

MDC T's behaviour would only make sense if they were competing with the other parties but in this instance they were competing against themselves.

Khupe has shown a poor quality and a low standard of political reasoning. Khupe is extremely; severely painful or aching wrong part in the political body. Khupe's chaotic congress was marred with allegations of election fraud and violence. The interim MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe was escorted out and claimed Mwonzora embezzled money from the party and used it to rig elections. Why did she chose to make the complaint at this hour exposes a person who has lost and is not happy to lose.

Obert Gutu who left the Khupe party early this year due to undisclosed reasons said he made the right decision and described the congress as a charade. He castigated Khupe and called her a power hungry confused person who must be kept as far away from power as possible. Gutu said, "I surely made the CORRECT decision. There was NO way I was going to continue to be part and parcel of this charade. It's certainly beyond my personal dignity."

Since his departure from the party, Gutu has made sensational claims like he has what it takes to be the MDC-T President, and he regrets calling for sanctions and questioning Khupe's intelligence and morality.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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